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Michigan State juiced

I was talking to a buddy of mine with whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time. He plays on the Michigan State Spartans. He told me that his team is FULL of steroid users…and further more the trainers provide the stuff! The only time the coaches would get mad at the players was when they took a steriod (deca) that didn’t have a fast “emptying” time! Oh ya, those players that you see on “red shirt injury something” are in fact players who have been caught on juice. Is this common knowlegde or am I just out of the loop? I play ball in Canada.

while i am not “in the know” im pretty sure its really common. i have a buddy who plays in the big 12, and he said pretty much all strenght positions (lineman, backers, fullbacks) are on gear, and the coaches “look away.” i’d be interested in finding out the percentages though.

i just might try to get into M STATE , even through im more of a wolverein fan :slight_smile:

from the team that brought you mandrich. is anyone surprised? my friend played at eastern and most of the players there were juiced. even mcenroe was juicing.

Not so at all. Your buddy is either fictitious or on crack. Everything in the State weightroom is so clean it squeaks. I know medical personnel related to the team and have NEVER heard of steroids around the MSU program. You are bogus for posting such nonsense.

i don’t believe the percentages are as high as you think. I played the last five years for the university of northern colorado, it is a d2 school but is switching to d1 this year. we won 2 national championships 96-97, which is much harder to do than in d1 with the voting bullshit, you have a playoff bracket similar to the basketball 64 tourney, and you have to run through 4 rounds to make it to the championship. we would have about 2-3 guys per year get a shot at the nfl, maybe 1 per year would make it.

anyway, out of a 100 man roster, 50 of who play and travel i would say an average of 3-7 guys per year would be juicing. guys were just too scared of testing positive, you miss an entire year from the day you test positive, and if that is in the middle of the season that can turn into a lot of games and probably your position. everybody new who was “on” and the coaches did turn their heads, they just said do what you have to do to get clean. most guys would just take their chances because the testing is totally random. however 2 guys got busted last year, but in the five years i played i only saw a total of 5 guys get busted. whoever posted about the backers, lineman, and fullbacks was right, those are the postions that require the genetic freaks.However, it comes down to, if you can play you can play, i rarely saw a 2nd teamer turn into a starter due to juice. i would assume this number would be similar at other schools. i am sure it’s higher at some top 25 d1 schools due to the competition level, although those athletes also have to pay a higher risk if they get caught and lose out on draft spots or nfl careers.

nfl is going for speed now anyway, there are a lot of undersized linebackers in the league now that are insanely fast and athletic.the tampa backers ? brooks, donnie edwards kc looks like a chicken, my denver broncos backers john mobley d2, ian gold converted saftey from michigan, are all small and fast, however there are some massive freaks also, ray lewis, ted johnson. it’s all about making plays!!!

Unfortunately, I hear that steroid abuse is rampant on most Division one campus. Don’t hold the University of Michigan up as some sort of example.
At the University of Michigan they not only juice, they accept bribes, coaches berate wives in public, coaches piss on restaurants in public, they roll cars that they shouldn’t have, they get in fights in the middle of the road, they do many types of illegal drugs, they cuddle up to Martin the booster and accept hundreds of thousands of dollars, they accept kickbacks from Kmart, and to top it off, they are very poor losers. As Lloyd Carr would say, the state of Michigan “deserves better.”

I was an athletic tutorer for a while at MSU, and had some meathead friends who played. Many of the troglodytes were openly discussing their steroid use/abuse around the tutors, although the guys that I tutored were either not juicing or were circumspect enough to avoid telling me about it.

However, all of my friends that played D I assured me it is the same everywhere you go – clean guys are unfortunately the exception. It has made me appreciate the sports that much less. Have you seen some of these ignoramuses who seem so common in big college football? Let’s see, no weightlifting knowledge, horrible diet, terrible amounts of extra-curricular self abuse (booze, drugs), yet still 6’2", 260 with 5 percent bodyfat. Hmmmmm… Good genetics you say? Maybe.

I think it is a shame.

Anyone who thinks that the entire team isn’t juicing is living in a dream world. Jucie and football go hand in hand and you can’t compete at the college level and above unless you are on the roids.

there are alot of backers who are “under size” but john mobily isnt too small, AL Wilson is only 5’11 , dexter coakly and nygue are both 5’10(two most under rated backers) , london flecher is 5’9 , Zach Thomas is 5’11 .

Thanks for the feedback guys! Hey MSU I had my doubts about the steriod issues at Michigan as well but then my buddy showed me some vials of Winstrol V that his trainer had given him for his summer cycle. Maybe he’s still lying…but that’s pretty good proof for me. And if you are in some way connected to MSU why would you admit any wrongdoing anyway? Redman, you seem to have some second hand knowlegde of this “epidemic”…could you shed some more light? Molson, your obviously from T.O. Not everybody is on juice in University. I play ‘backer’ at the UofC and I’m not on juice (I also throw shotput). My brother Jeff had a try-out with the Calgary Stampeders and he’s never taken juice. Not everyone is on.

6’2 260 5% bodyfat? Who are these guys and where do they play? Saying you can’t compete at the college or pro level without steroids is just plain stupid and is an excuse. It is the same thing people say when a guy lifts more weight than they do. “He must be juicing to be that strong or big.” Give me a break.

I really think it just comes down to what school your are at. If one player is using performance enhancing drugs, more would be apt to try it. If it is looked down upon by players and coaches, then players are less apt to try. I can’t believe any coach would ever supply drugs to players. Just imagine what would happen if you were caught, your career would end then and there.

Most players are big guys, or have the potential to be big before they even enter college. And this is with bad nutrition, for the most part anyhow. Think of the advantages they have at colleges over ordinary people. Free meal replacement powder, training tables, a strength and conditioning staff, athletic trainers and doctors, a good environment (intensity and motivation) and weight room. Think of the gains you would make if you had coaches there to correct your technique every rep like these athletes do? Or to face consequences if you do miss a workout? When your job is to workout with weights and go play football? When every workout your have a weightroom with all the equipment you want, with good music, and the intensity of motivated coaches and players around you pushing you to new levels? To compare think if you could work out with John Davies for 5 years? You’re not going to put up huge numbers, gain large amounts of muscle, and be in the best shape of your life? C’mon.

Now I’m sure there are guys who use drugs, but the way most of your guys make is sound like a drug festival is just plain ignorant. They get tested. You can’t tell me that these guys, who have bad nutrition, will know how to stack steroids, and know how to pass the drug tests. Some do I’m sure, but the majority would not. Anyway, enough I’m out.