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Michigan Politics Thread


Hey, let's get a Michigan politics thread going. I know that there are quite a few T-Nation peeps from MI(thanks for helping me find a gym), so let's post in here about MI political issues.

Some issues I think are pretty relevant we could discuss :

1- How Retarded Detroit Politics Are
2- The Mayoral Election
3- Michigan Education Laws(homeschooling, school of choice laws, etc)
4- The Economy in MI and what steps can be taken to lower the unemployment rate

Or any topic that you want to discuss. :slight_smile:

So, all of us Michiganders should sub to this thread.


Good grief; Michigan politics. Seriously, where should we start? I spent some time in Lansing this year as part of a firefighter lobby day, and I'm here to tell you, this state is in serious trouble financially. I'm hoping that we can elect a governor that looks to create a better environment for business, and actually bring more in. One thing I'd like to see is the representitives not getting a free medical ride for the rest of their lives just for serving one term. Seriously, WTF? And then they start talking like what will fix this state is eliminating the right bargain for police and firefighters.

I am seriously fearfull for the future of this great state. One thing's for certain, our next Governor will need to be a dynamic, out of the box problem solver for sure. Good thread


As soon as it's time I'll fill you guys in on the duel to the possible death I'm about to fight with the locals here. It will either be a glorious victory or I will lose my house and go to jail. Seriously. The one thing that will not happen is my surrender to their gestapo-esque extortion tactics.


Just to be safe, make sure you read up on all the 'How do prisoners train' threads so you can git hyooj in The Man's house.

Good luck, and watch yer corn hole.


I admit that I am not too keen on Michigan politics, but most everyone I talk to all agree that Granholm ought to be shipped back to Canada. A lot of them want to see government goodies like welfare and food stamps restricted for only those that truly need it (how many times have you gone grocery shopping to see some welfare queen and her 8 kids with three baskets of groceries paying for all of it with food stamps?) Some want drug testing for welfare recipients too.

It seems like the current administration wants to keep their voter base just comfortable enough in poverty to ensure that they will continue to vote for them.

Michigan is not business friendly as bigflamer alluded to. The 'brain drain' problem is getting worse too. Not only does this state LEAD THE NATION in unemployment, high-school drop out rates, and crime - but the number of college graduates leaving this dying whore of a state is increasing. I plan on leaving when I graduate as well, as do pretty much 90% of the other students I talk to.

It's a big shit sandwich, but fortunately we all don't have to take a bite.

One last thing. I have only lived in Michigan for 4 years, and the people here are among the rudest, meanest, and nastiest people I have ever encountered. I'm not saying that thats everyone, but most people here are abhorrently mean to one another. ANd it's almost like they are proud of it! There is very little sense of 'common man' or 'civility' here, it's all "Get out of my way! I want that! That's mine! Fuck off! I'll kick your ass! I'm better than you!"

I think this climate of hostility toward everyone else has a lot to do with the current situation. People here simply don't like each other for completely arbitrary reasons, and I think it wholy contributes to the decay of this state. People here need to start being nicer to each other, not kiss ass nice, but dropping the "fuck off!" attitude would be a great start in rebuilding Michigan.


I think she got screwed, personally. The state was in trouble before she came in, but the problems kind of got covered by both the housing and dot-com bubbles. Also, the tobacco settlement gave Engler a bunch of cash to throw around to make it look like he was some kind of infrastructure builder.

"Business friendliness" is a more complicated thing than just tax codes and labor laws. There's also business networking ability, infrastructure, and education. MI does well at those, even with the brain drain problem that you mention. Which, holy shit, is true. Financial Times (I believe) did a business friendliness ranking, and MI was solidly in the middle.

Speaking of education, we really need to reinstate the college savings plan that Blanchard instituted. (They're called 529's, or 519's I believe.) It gives the state some money to play with, and keeps young families in the state. Also, while you might lose them before college, it reduces the chance that people will leave for college, which helps the brain drain.

Yeah, I'll give you this, depending on where you are, and who you interact with. You said you've been here for 4 years...college? UM? MSU? Anyway, yeah. We got those people.


Tonight it comes out of the bag. In a little while I'm going to a township council meeting where I will be informing them that at my court appearance on Thursday I will testify that I will die in jail before I will either take down MY shed in MY yard ( http://gregnmary.gotdns.com/pix/smithshed.jpg ) or pay their fines. And I will.

Later I'll start another thread with details of my strategy which, like I say, will either get them off my back or land me in jail. No violence, all legal.


fuck you.


I can't believe they are talking about government shutdown. Craziness.


LOL. The same problems in every state.


You need to get a publicist and wage media war, Trib. You need to be thinking of ways of embarrassing the city council.


It's only a matter of time before that happens in the People's Republic of California. We're totally insolvent. Totally.


Two of my fellow moderators on a local political forum did exactly this for their respective towns. They didn't contrive anything, though. They simply got footage, posted meeting notes, and every newsarticle or written account of every town meeting-- mostly because the local papers weren't doing their jobs. Just by creating a little transparency, they managed to get some folks interested in what ACTUALLY went on there and changed the face/makeup of the town officials... They simply let the town managers embarrass themselves.


Waaay ahead of ya chief =]


At the town council meeting last night I gave them an 8x10 quality print of the link above and an envelope to each member with their names printed on it and a letter containing the following. I also emailed them a copy 15 minutes before the meeting started:

There were about 100 citizens there including a group of high school kids on a civics project and the long standing senior staff writer of our local paper. I made my 3 minutes count expressing an impassioned condensed version of the above. There's more backstory and some immediate response that I don't have time to post at the moment.


Did you have someone film it?


The town films all their council meetings, their crew was there doing it, and they are televised on local cable though I doubt many people watch it.


Trib- why do they want you to take it down? Too close to the property line? OR they wanted you to file for a permit?


Hahahahaha! LOL!!

When I read this, my first instinct was that you must be close to the east side of the state. I live in Grand Rapids over here in west Michigan, and I can say with confidance that they're two completely different animals.


Very nice, well stated. Good luck to you in fighting these shitbags.