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Michelob Ultra

Surprised nobody has commented on it yet, but… Did you guys see the commercial for that low-carb beer during the football game last night? Michelob Ultra, I think it was. Haha… I’m sitting here watching people dunk basketballs and workout, but they’re advertising beer. I was waiting to see someone slamming one down after finishing a workout or something. I thought that was pretty funny, you guys see it?

Haven’t seen the commercials, but I have friends who drink it to keep the carbs down. Crazy thing is, the label doesn’t add up. If it only has 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of carbs, how does it still have 94 calories or whatever it is?? Doesn’t make sense. Must have some hidden carbs somewhere.

I saw it. What a totally sick marketing ploy! What’s next, low carb cigarettes?

All light beer, at least the ones I’ve looked at, are very low in carbs. Just as low as “Ultra” I think. This is a marketing ploy. And besides, it’s the alcohol that’s bad, and the metabolically worthless calories.

It’s a bunch of crap man. ALL light beers are very low in carbs. I even saw an ad for the michelob, comparing it’s total cal. and carbs to other beers and from what I saw, it’s only like 2 grams of carbs and 5 calories lighter than the closest light beer. By the way, the hidden calories from the alcohol itself-7 calories a gram I think. I too was excited about this till I found this info.

Yeah, the hidden calories are in the alcohol. Someone gave the exact breakdown in an ealier thread.

No thanks, I will stick to my carb laden stouts and porters.

Yeah, Ryano’s right… It has the same number of calories as Amstel Light.

I’m with Ko… if you’re gonna drink beer, you might as well drink BEER.

Alcohol is worth about 7 calories per gram, it’s almost like drinking fat. yum yum!!

Don’t flame me, but I actually tried it. It really was watery–no surprise. Also, the carbonation had a funny smell to it. It smelled like champagne bubbles. I’m guessing that they used champagne yeast to ferment out all the sugars rather than traditional beer yeasts that leave some sugars that lend that unique beer tasts. Taking a page out of Asahi Superdry I suppose, but at least the Asahi has some beer character. Ultra would be okay with seafood I guess. If it was chilled really cold, it would be probably be refreshing after mowing the lawn in the hot sun.