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Michelob Ultra Lite?

I guess this belongs here because it is about the nutritional facts of michelob ultra beer? anyways…

How does it have 95 cals?

0 fat
2.6g carbs
.6 protein?

Shouldnt that be like 12 calores? or around 12? Anyone ever drink this stuff? It taste like seltzer…

Try a search for “beer”. This was discussed a bit ago and someone had the explanation for it (forgot what it was though). As far as the taste - add a squish of lime. You’ll have lime seltzer with a wee bit o’ kick.

Alcohol contributes the rest of the calories. If I remember correctly, alcohol has 7 kcal/gram.

Or you could just drink good beer…hehehe

Just drink a guiness with a side of chicken and presto, you have yourself a P+C meal.

A beer with no taste? Why even bother?

The remaining calories come from the alcohol.

If you’re going to drink a beer, drink a real beer!

Like I said, it’s all about GOOD beer. Sorry, it’s a very emotional subject for me!

11.7g alcohol make up the diff.
guiness for strength!


I’m with you on that. I take the subject of beer VERY seriously :slight_smile:

I hear ya Patricia, I’m sitting here drinking an Aventinus Wheat-Doppelbock as I type this.

True- if you’re gonna drink beer- at least drink something with some balls.

Alcohol is 7 cals/gram.

Michelob Ultra Lite is a joke. Why would I drink that diluted piss water when, for an additional 7 calories, I could drink a Coors Lite and help support commercials such as the “Wingman?”

Michelob Ultra Lite was created for those people who love to hop on the newest diet “revolution,” in this case low carbs, but don’t want to actually figure out what they eating and drinking before they do it. This is made for the kind-of-chubby women who aren’t going to give up going out and having guys buy them beer on the weekends.

And that’s my two cents…

Cory-That was a very valauble two cents. Thank you!

Wing-maaaaaaaaaan :slight_smile:

Cory, well put. I started a post after hearing a commercial for a carb blocker pill that claims you can drink all the beer you want without getting fat. 7 useless calories per gram of alcohol is the culprit, not carbs. If you drink 10 beers, sure they contribute, but only to a minor extent compared to the alcohol. At 3.3 g carbs, why doesn’t Miller Lite just slap the words “low carb” on their beer? Guess their advertising is strong enough without going that route. The commercial where the guy opens his front door only to have some old man hit a golf ball into his chunks makes me laugh every time.

Lite beer is an abomination.

“Michelob Ultra Lite? Pure piss, wouldn’t touch the stuff…why, you got any?”

I’ve quit drinking for the time being, or until I binge again anyway, but if something tastes like seltzer or needs lemon to be tasty, then leave it on the shelf.

Guiness and chicken combo sounds like a good way to go.