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Michelle Obama:




LOVE HER! :wink:


Great or Greatest American?


Not sure what the purpose of this was? The only thing that bothered me was her fasion sense. Those shoes are incredibly ugly.


wow . . . $500 dollar sneakers . . . hmmm, really proud to be an American now, isn't she . . .


Mods edited the thread title. In the article before the 500 dollar shoe one she is quoted as saying: "Everyone should have a chief of staff and personal assistants!"

Oh, and wearing 500 dollar shoes to a soup kitchen is incredibly poor taste of you ask me. Even if you are the queen of the world. Whats wrong with wearing a 30 dollar pair of keds or some shit?

She obviously is one of us "common folk" and she understands the blight of being peasant class.

Like princess Diana......... LOVE HER! :slight_smile:


Agreed. I have no issue's with these things... and those sneakers are damn ugly.


Er... I'm missing the source of outrage here...


The fact that she wear $540 sneakers doesnt bother me. What bothers me is that she and her husband purpatrate that they are like us "commonfolk".

Check this out:
While she was there serving food she had Secret Service guys watching her. So how much did it cost the taxpayers for her to serve food to poor people? If my guess is correct it would have been cheaper for us if she had just sent a check for a few grand.


Alright, now THIS is something to be outraged about. Having the US taxpayer foot the bill for a photo-op bothers me a heck of a lot more than a politician being a bit two-faced.




The SS follow her everywhere so what does it matter where she goes.

On the side note, dam those shoes are ugly. I doubt anyone though they were worth more an $100.00, perception is everything. Personally I feel sorry for her having to wear them.


I really couldn't care less about the shoes. I'm far more annoyed by the fact that she pretends to care about the poor by working in a soup kitchen.


Every politician in the history of politics tries to appeal to the masses. If that bothers you, stop watching politics...

Check this out- if she went to McDonald's the secret service guys would have had to watch her. That's kind of what they do.

Talk about grasping at straws fellas, this is ridiculous.

But I agree with Dhick- those shoes are fuckin hideous.


My, how we have forgotten the struggle. The many that have died, and sacrificed so we can do the things we do.


You're right politiacians do try to appeal to the masses, that your getting gubbamint healthcare rammed down your throat. Thats just another reason why I don't like the Obamas.

I don't really know how the Secret Service works but if agents had to work in overtime for her to service food, I see that as a waste of money. Money we don't have...... unless you think running the printing press is a good idea.



lol. Obviously the first lady only has security 9-5. Anything over that and "we're" paying overtime.


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