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Michelle Obama, the Racist at Princeton




I didnt download anything from the article, just glanced over it. If any of this is true (and I suspect it is) then, WOW. Like fucking WOW. Get ready for some shit.


You do realise that regardless of content (I'd prefer to get that information from the thing itself, although I'd rather not bother reading it at all) this is a Bachelor's thesis written 23 years ago by someone barely old enough to drink, right? Nobody gives a shit what you wrote for your BA.I suggest you move onto the next item on your list of paranoid delusions about your fictional "extreme left" Obama administration.


BS. If Palin has written it, the liberal MSM would be on it like white on rice.


And therein lies the hypocrisy


Good point!!


I am sure the future first lady has calmed and mellowed in 23 years.



America has changed in 23 years. Why would anyone think of this in any other therms than that?

23 years ago, racism was much more blatant and the people who were the targets weren't happy about it. Surprise.


Palin wasn't a young black woman growing up 23 years ago in this country. I would imagine her perspective of the world would be vastly different.


LOL. That's the understatement of the year. Can you really even call what Palin has a "perspective"? Saying she has "perspective" seems akin to saying a blind man has "vision". It's a stretch. Thank her God or any of the others that she's gone.


That post doesn't even make sense. How is the fact that she wasn't a black woman 23 years ago making her perspective different any more correct for her than anyone who wasn't a black woman 23 years ago?

I think you need to look up the meaning of the word perspective.

You don't have to agree with someone or even think it intelligent to make it a perspective. The word itself implies that there are different views of the same events. Even if an opinion is factually wrong, that doesn't make it not an opinion.

Lastly, I doubt she is gone from the political scene even though she does claim to rely on God for decision making, just like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and JFK.


Obama ran because of his ideas, not because of his accomplishments. If he shares his wife's views, what are we to make of it?

If a white candidate wrote something like this, their only supporters would be Klan and Skinheads.


When did the magical moment occur when her thesis is now 'understandable' and we can can empathisize with the poor woman being pursued by Bull Conner?



Shares the views of his 44 year old wife, or the 21 year old undergrad who wrote that thesis?

Do you hold everyone to account for everything they said 23 years ago? No. Even if it was a crazy rant promising to enslave whitey it would still be a non-issue. BA theses mean nothing.


Should one always be remembered for an epic thread about buying his very young daughter a vibrator?

I think after 23 years,even that would be forgotten.



I hold no one accountable for what they said 23 minutes ago if they denounce it and explain that it was said in an over excited state of mind that they are no longer in and their present actions affirm that declaration.


I don't, maybe she has, but some of the things she said during the campaign sounded like politically tempered glimpses into that same general mindset. This is just one more file in the cabinet of the Obama's anti American radical past.


Uh, why should she denounce it? Would you ask Rosa Parks to DENOUNCE her stance against sitting on the back of the bus? This country was racist as all hell 3 decades ago. How is it wrong to express distrust and dislike of a system that allows that to happen when you are the focus of it?


I don't even want to know.

I also think she's had plenty of time to change and should be viewed by more recent events. I did dumb things in college I wouldn't do now and that wasn't 23 years ago. Though, if she no longer believes that thesis, she should denounce it.

I do think that if you forgive her though, you should be willing to forgive guys like Wallace to though.


You are comparing Rosa Parks to her thesis? Come on man, that's quite the stretch.

There is also a difference between a distrust for a system and a distrust of white people. I distrust the system, but not myself.


White people WERE the system 23 years ago. I am not comparing the two on principle. Don't be silly. However, to claim blacks should denounce statements against the racist society they grew up in 30 years ago is about the most insane logic I've read here to date.