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Michelle Malkin on Today Show


I just came across this and see it is about a month old so I apologize if it is a repost:


Those youtube comments give me goosebumps.


Her "Everything that this president does is Kabuki theater" comment was priceless. She is one of the sharpest political commentators out there. Plus she's real cute. Good find.


Damn she ruled that entire spot. And, as a side note, I'd love to toss her Filipina salad. That is all.


she's hit it on the head.


Matt Lauer is a mega-douche.


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Do we have to move the thread to SAMA now? Or we could just start a new one over there.


I like how you complement her intelligence but then put her in her place by turning her into a sex object.

Personally, I find her irritating to no end.

Anyone that can string a couple of semi-coherent thoughts together can make a dime by bashing a liberal president. Wow! I mean, really, how hard is that?

There are plenty of illiterate douchebags in the forums that could make a living like this.

Present company excluded, of course...


Who should I contact to get into the business? Any advice?


She comes off as being shrill and a little nutty, so I love her.

Not that I agree with her politics... I'm a Democrat. I think she's doing good work for our side. Preaching to the choir doesn't move the political football, and when you add in a healthy pinch of shrill and crazy, you alienate the independents.

Also, she apparently doesn't have a clue what Kabuki theater actually is. I guess she thought saying it would make her sound smart, like people who like to say something is "Kafka-esque" a lot.

I'd put her and Glenn Beck in the same category. The more they are on televison representing Republicans, the better I like it.


Well, I'm sure you'll love it in 2010 when you guys lose 40 seats in the house and at least 10 in the senate. I personally can't wait for you guys to become completely meaningless again.


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I have to agree, I think in 2010 you will see the demise of the Democrats and it's really not because of Republicans. Reps can just sit around and watch as the Dems and their agenda just fuel the fire against them. Think of all the ammo against the Dems they will face in 2010. Stimulus bill, healthcare, Cash 4 Clunkers, bailouts, the auto takeover, I mean shit that is a pile so high you need boots to climb it.


Matt Lauer, you've been pwn3d. Douch.


Seems just like a revolving door no matter who has the majority and/or the people's "trust."


If the Democrats pass health care reform, it doesn't become active until 2013. So how is that going to play a major role for Republicans in 2010? But since most people want some type of reform (and only disagree on what to do and how to do it) if Republicans prevent any reform whatsoever, they will pay a price at the polls in 2010 IMO.

Just opposing the president across the board isn't a winning political strategy. Even though it fires up the base, it alienates people in the middle and fires up the opposition too.

Also, Cash For Clunkers is considered a massive success everywhere except on the far right, where it is opposed mainly for ideological reasons, or there are complaints about trivial or temporary snags. Response to CFC is overwhelmingly positive, it's not even a contest.

The stimulus bill also seems to be working, plus it's perceived to be a response to Bush's massive failure on the economy. People still give Obama leeway on the economy so far, and blame Bush. I don't think that will change until 2012.

George W. Bush will still be a factor in 2010 and 2012 - the best Republican president since Nixon, as far as backlash goes. The sitting president's party usually takes a loss in a midterm election, but sentiment against Bush Republicans continues to run high, and I think there is a chance Democrats can continue to ride the same wave they enjoyed in 2006 and 2008, even if it has started to decline.

Democrats polling numbers are slacking right now, but that's largely because Democrats are disappointed that their leadership is lacking aggression. But that's not going to cause Democratic voters to stay at home, let alone switch their votes.


Ok lets think about this a second... consumers suddenly get a big incentive to go buy a brand new car, not a used car, but brand new. So they trade in their older "clunker," which may have had many more miles to go before it really needed to be traded in, and suddenly they have a new car payment to contend with each month.

Now that money that may have been used for other purchases and the like is now going towards that shiny new car. So essentially we just shuffled some money around and hurt one sector to help another.

Now lets also not forget that smarter consumers may wait until the fall before purchasing a new car as they typically get better deals at this time. Now suddenly dealers across the US have limited stock so the deals people may have been expecting over the next few months will not be there. So now there will be an even larger drop in sales than the car industry is used to this point of the year.


So people shouldn't buy cars now, because that means those people won't buy cars in the Fall?

And money they spend on a new car could have been spent better elsewhere, rather than in the ailing auto industry?


They keep on spending when they should be saving, You can't spend your way out of debt.