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Michelle in Reader Mail

Is she the same that forums every now and then?

Sounds like a Tease, just telling us what we want to hear, IMHO.

I want to know what kind of man can live with 2 pairs of shoes. Do men really here really work so diligently at “looking good nekkid” and then look like shit when they are dressed? Do you metro bashers really use supplements, growth hormone, steroids or what have you and not take care of your cuticles and your skin? How the hell do you explain such a contradiction?

That is not the Michelle that posts here. The regular Michelle is actually smarter and more sassy than the “reader mail Michelle”.

dave, what makes you think that everyone here trains to impress others?

What’s a cuticle?

BIG DAVE: I cant have the exact answer for your two pair of shoes answer, but I know this however. I am only 32 years old, and life has given me enough examples that the2 shoes` thing is in the eye of the beholder.

Translation: Everybody does what he damn wants, based on his/her own personal BS (belief systems) and definitions. Where one man sees contradictions, its doesnt care/useless for another.

To only thing principles are good for is the reaction you get from other people when pronouncing the word. In your case, you seem to expect integrity. But that stops with you. When was the last time somebody asked your opinion or permission before dressing/doing something? American Psycho-like posterboys likewise won`t call you before deciding what to do.

To paraphrase a certain specialist: foolishness, contradictions, stupidity and lack of standards are the norm. Better get used to them, specially that nobody in all of humanity`s history so far has found the formula the clean the slate of these cancers of the mind.

(I am not in favor of metros btw. Just making sure youre not engaging in a battle you`ll never win.)

Doogie, a cuticle is another word used to describe a metrosexual…a CUTie with testICLEs.

P-DOG: Who isnt</i> training for others reactions ???

I expect the classic kneejerk I do it for myself reaction.


Parachute all of these myselfers on a planet or island where they would have no crowd, and youd see potbellies over the place within short. Rephrase that. Drop all guys training here tolook good naked` on a womanless planet and 99% of them would stop training within a very short period of time.

People respond to incentives. No crowd, no reward, no need to train. Its all game theory/energy economics/return-on-investment. It helped the animal kingdom survive so far, its built-in in our brains, and it won`t change for quite some time either, unless genetic engineering takes control.

This need for reactions hold specially true for extroverts. Without a crowd, they die. Proof of the pudding: when they dont have enough attention, and it doesnt take that long, they go out there and get it.

Now, if that isnt a need, I dont know what is.


It’s that white area of dead skin at the top of your fingernail. Now, why anyone would care what it looks like is beyond me.

dan im sure that the majority of gym goers do train to impress the opposite sex, however i do not.

i train and try to improve my physique because i love to do it. honestly i feel like shit when i dont look my best. the physique that i am after most women find disgusting. so that is definitley not the reason i do what i do.

this metro bs has gotten way out of hand. i know i started it but my intentions on the thread were not to piss off every guy that takes pride in how he looks. that is where the problem is. now everyone that dreses nice and has more than 2 pairs of shoes is assuming that “we” think he is a metro. that is not the case.

dressing nice doesnt equal metro!

hahahaha, yeah dan i don’t criticize most people’s motivations but it did kinda sound like she wanted a t-shirt and a little recognition pretty badly. no worries though. as far as shoes go, my little pet idea is that if you have enough pairs of training, hunting, and work shoes that you use to counterbalance the number of everyday or go out shoes you have, then you’re doing quite alright…

The cuticle is the waxy layer covering the upper epidermis of plant leaves to prevent water loss by evaporation. Clearly, you would want this too look good if it is growing on your body.

The real Michele already has a T-Man. She doesn’t need to publicly beg for one.

Not sure but she is HOT AS FUCK. Now off to flog the dog some more…

P-Dog: Fine, don’t train to impress anyone but yourself. The reason I forego vegging out on the couch and head to the gym is purely for my own benefit also, but my physical appearance is important to other aspects of my life. My physical appearance is vital at work and when I am out looking for that special someone to spend my life with. But you still haven’t explained the contradiction: how one aspect of your health and appearance upkeep is important and others are not.

All that said, I hate labels and don’t like that someone in marketing dreamt up some term to capitilize on the perception that homosexuals are fashion and style experts and then projected that term on a group of single males with nothing but spendable income. This notwithstanding, I personally love to shop for clothes and dress well; I also personally don’t care if any of you do not, I would rather prefer all other single males in the world were dressed badly or gay.

Furthermore, I would just like to clarify that I don’t feel I am better than anyone with only two pairs of shoes. I personally need more for work and for entertaining. I just know everyone can’t be in construction or working in a plant, if you are a professional you would need more than a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes.

Good one, AR!

Doogie knows what a cuticle is.

He was being, uh…sarcastic.