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Michelin Boy!


So saturday afternoon I was basking in the sun at my apartment, getting some sun, checking out a few babes and praying I don't run into my ex girlfriend at the pool. While I was there, I seen one of the most rapant cases of child abuse that seems to be going on at an alarming rate.

He could barely walk. He sure as hell couldn't swim. He looked to be about 10 Im guessing. He was the fattest kid Ive ever seen in my entire life. Im talking flat out obese. He looked like the Michelin Man

I was honestly speechless. Obviously he didn't wake up one day and look like this. No, someone was behind this madness of abuse. Somebody was feeding this monster and plopping him in front of a television 6 hours a day. Then I seen her. She was beached nearby the pool, thankfully wearing a one piece bikinni because I don't think my eyes could have handled a two piece.

The whole soiree was quite sad. When Michelin Boy finally got into the pool, he was outfitted with an gigantic swimming tube big enough to fit an adult. Hell, it could have been a tire. And not some small tire, Im talking one of those tires you see rap star riding on in hip hop videos. Yes, Michelin boy was riding on 20's my friend. He was straight pimpin.

I really didn't know what to say. Could I say anything? I mean I couldn't exactly pawn off a T-Nation plug to his mom, that would be like trying to explain geometry to the crew in "One who Flew over the Cuckoos Nest". He was obviously ostracized from the rest of the small children in the pool. So i did the only thing I could think of - I picked up a volleyball, hoped into the pool, and broke out an impromptu game of marco polo, and got michelin boy involved.

Hey, he needs to start somewhere.


I thought you were going to say you broke out the volleyball and beaned him with it, because that's what I would've done.....is that bad?

I liked the ridin on 20's line.


Was the kid wearing a shirt?
Nothing worse than the fat kid/guy in the pool wearing a t shirt. It can't be comfortable to have some sopping wet cotton t shirt clinging to your body. In the end it doesn't even hide the fat.


"I'm sorry sir, you can't park your van there"

Did you make that comment?


I like how you call it child abuse. As an sociologist I think that is some hot theory right there. Good on you for not being a dick and puking or making fun of him.

I reckon over feeding your child is as much neglect as underfeeding them. Just as bad for their longevity/health.



I could not agree with you all more, it certainly is a form of child abuse. I do foster care and have seen both cases, neglect and the latter.


No shirt man. He wasn't even old enough I think to understand the whole "Its not cool to be fat" thing yet. In retrospect, he may not have even been 10 years old, hell he could have been 7 or 8. He was so fat it was hard to even tell


Ya know, it almost HAS to be. I mean this kid isn't buying the groceries or preparing dinner.

Yea, I understand the whole shitty genetics thing, and judging by the whale of a mammal his mother was he isn't exactly the genetic breed of Tyler Durden and Angelina Jolie, but hell, there was no way this kid got as fat as he was by spacing out six small meals a day, eating fruits and veggies and riding his bike everywhere.

I thinks its cool that we all have our differences, shapes and sizes and I don't expect us to live in some Hitler like society were everyone has to have 5 percent bodyfat, but, jeez, when a kid shows up to kindergarden with severe bruises and such, more often than not the teacher and counselors get involved with the local police and such. But this form of abuse? Its silent, and the guilty parties involved aren't held accountable.


Mad props on including the kid. I bet you made his day.

I work with troubled adolescents which includes abuse/neglect. I've had cases in the past where the child is obese which leads to some problem, letting us get involved, such as school truancy, defiance, etc...Once we do get involved we can make weight loss a part of the treatment plan...Unfortunately though, we can't just open a case on the mere fact the kid is obese. Which I wish was different.


who is your avitar?? i can't tell from way over here in America.


"Hey, it's alright, he's not stealing hams. He's just a big fat kid!"


hey man, nice of you to break the ice and get him involved with the other kids.
I mean, its not his fault as he is only ten years old.

but yeah, such is the plight of a new generation of fatties!


I'm sure we've all seen shows where the parents are soooo concerned about their obese children and can't imagine how this happened yet the mom weighs 350 and they had to bring in a special chair for the father to sit in because he's so fat. Thats the worst. Why bomb abortion clinics? Lets bomb Baskin Robbins and Pizza Huts.


It's a midget stood in front of a dumbell.

Or possibly Dorian Yates, one or the other.


Yes, and lets destroy coffee shops, and expensive car dealerships. Fuck the starbucks universe. It is really sad for that kid I hope he finds a sport, like basketball or soccer, that encourages him to run and move.


Haha. This is true. That show, "Honey We're Killing the Kids' springs to mine. The parents never look as bad as the age progression photos of the kids, but often they're not too far off and certainly not healthy. But the show at least seems to be doing some good for the families it involves and spurring some changes. At least in the shorterm. Who knows about the longterm. Nicholas F, that was a good thing you did for the kid as well.


Funny you should mention that show. I've also noticed general problems in those same families. One episode showed a young girl overweight (duh) who had virtually no respect for her mother. She ate whenever, watched TV all day (well after school anyway) and went to bed late.

Turning her diet around also meant having a better relationship with her mother. At the end of the show, not only was her eating and exercise on track, but her and the mother were also bonding.


Absolutely. Bad parenting.