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Micheal Jackson - Pole

I would like to take an informal pole. Three questions:

  1. From what you have heard and seen do you feel that Jackson is guilty of child molestation?

  2. If found guilty do you feel that he will flee the country? (as he is out on 3 million dollars bail), Do you feel he will be incarcerated?

  3. What sort of program would you put him on to add some muscele to that 5’ 11" 120lb frame? (I know you would never train him as you think he is dispicable).

so. where’s the pole.

  1. Honestly, I’m on the fence about it. I’ll need more evidence.

  2. No. I can’t see him in a regular prison either, though.

  3. Have you seen that anorexic chick on ET? I would have him follow her around and let them get better together.

  1. Not sure at this point. But I have learned better than to let the media form my opinions for me. Wait and see, innocent until proven, blah, blah.

  2. Not sure where he could go if he did run, anyway.

  3. Nothing. He looks damn sexy just the way he is.

Spelling police here, ZEB.

That’s poll, not pole.

said it before, grandma was an English teacher and this is a compulsion I’ll have for life…

Oh, and it’s Michael, not Micheal.



honestly, I’m not trying to be an asshole…

  1. yes, based on his answers in interviews
  2. no, too many camera’s on him
  3. prison janitorial program (although the muscle from that will be on and off over the toilet;))

“michael jackson” and “pole” should never follow eachother in a sentence. never.

  1. He is probably guilty of much more.

  2. I don’t think he’ll get real punishment, so I don’t think he’ll consider fleeing. If he does, he’ll probably just get back on the mothership and go back to wherever he came from.

  3. He is a lost cause.

As a Vixen whose last name ends in “ski”…I take offense at use of Pole in reference to that tool. ;o)

Thanks for being the spelling police. Makes me feel better.

Wasn’t Jacko being trained by Lou Farigno a few years back? It was in all the muscle mags at the time.

BTW, they just said on CNN that they found a secret kiddie room in his closet, and a video tape made before he had kids shows the room was there a long time back. Hmmm…

Mike: May I be your spelling deputy?

Thanks for being the spelling police. Makes me feel better. "

Yeah, I admit, it’s an odd obsession and drives some people nuts, but I figure hey, why fight the urge? :wink:

Speaking of driving someone nuts, you should see me when I see one of my own posts (and it happens more often than I care to admit) has an error in it!

Not a pretty sight…:slight_smile:

Anyway, end of hijack…

  1. Not sure yet, either. But, he’s incredibly stupid for even giving that appearance with such bizarre behaviour.

  2. I could see him fleeing the country, or even taking his own life, unfortunately.

  3. My standard answer - Chad Waterbury’s ABBH Program! :wink:

You’re hired, MD! :wink:

BTW, davo2 that’s Ferrigno. :wink:


Thank you for the correction! Stupid mistake on my part.

will someone put a bullet in his head and end it already, shit.

Mike: Are you British? It’s behavior, not behaviour. Yeesh.



Well, actually, clearing throat, I did it out of respect for our friends up north. :wink:

been reading too many of Cupcake’s posts…

Best hire I ever made, bringing on that MD lady! Good catch!

not guilty… from the evidence that’s available (not much) there is plenty of reasonable doubt.

he’s not gonna flee. most countries that offer similar lifestyles as the US likely have extradition treaties with us. plus from what i hear, he really needs those 3 mil.

mj probably some physical illness that we don’t know about… i doubt he can gain a significant amount of weight.