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Michael Myers How Do You Train


So I've recently taken it upon myself to rewatch the original Halloween and check out the newer retelling by Rob Zombie. Becoming interested in the pursuit of muscle and strength since the last time I saw that movie, I just have to know...how do you train Michael Myers? Dude, you sit in a padded cell most of your adult life and you never even exercise let alone train with weights. Yet you can pick up grown men and women by the throat with one hand, lower yourself from ceiling pipes with one arm (single arm chins anyone), and bullets don't even slow you down. Women run full speed from you, and you don't even break a sweat or breathe heavy. You always catch them without even breaking into a slow jog. What supplements are you taking man? How did you achieve such unparalleled strength?


I like how in the first Conan movie they explain his size and strength from him turning the Wheel of Pain for a decade.


Retard strength?


Wasnt he turning that wheel anti-clockwise for the whole time?

Id imagine that would create some serious imbalance issues, leaving one side of his body shorter than the other!

A bit like Iggy Pop with this freaky looking customised Croc, except Lopsided Conan wouldnt be wearing crocs but manly barbarian boots, one with a raised heel!


I just heard that they're making Halloween 3, however Rob Zombie won't be directing but Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor Compton are likely to reprise their roles as Michael and Laurie. Some of you may know that the original Halloween 3 had nothing to do with the Michael Myers saga, and the 2nd remake wasn't all that particularly good. I guess it's just another case of Hollywood being Hollywood, I'm some glad Rob decided not to attach himself to this since it will probably be awful at best.


When I have a kid, we're installing a Wheel of Pain in the backyard.





It's evil, dude. His trainer Dr. Lumas said so. Lumas trains me now.

Satan has an amazing line of supps also.


I wish my dad had done it.


I wish your dad had shot you on your mom's back.


You're giving the croc all your attention and you're missing the fact that he's out for a stroll with a vietnamese lady-boy.


At around 0:36 valuable insight into the training regimen of the screen slasher. Awesome film IMO.


It's a good thing your dad was faster than your dog at running to the bedroom.


Donald Pleasence trained him before he became President, crashed air force one and got owned by Isaac Hayes.

'What'd I teach you?'

'You..you are the Duke of New York, you are A num..number one'


To quote Forrest Griffin in 'Got Fight!'

 "don't pick fights with retards, they have retarded strength."


H20, the freak lowers himself down from a rafter with one hand.


At that moment, he instantly took the top spot in my heart as best slasher of all time.