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Michael Moore Has Failed


He blames the fail on capitalism, but he is the real culprit. Moore has got the be the biggest foaming-at-the-mouth fucking retard in the history of entertainment. Someobody needs to make a film dediated to putting this creep out of his misery. I draft the SouthPark guys.


Did anybody see his response when somebody asked him about all the capital he's earned fighting capitalism?

Absolutely priceless.


Do you have a link?

On another note, I don't know why he blames capitalism for the bailouts. These bailouts spit in the face of capitalism.


That fat bastard owes his ability to make a movie about capitalism on capitalism and then he bashes it while finger pointing at the unethical Wall Street fat-cats. He has no idea what capitalism is.

He misses all the things that come about as a result of capitalism -- the mom and pops shops, technology, educational institutions, and even charity. I wish someone would shut him up.


i don't remember the verbatim exchange and I couldn't find it with a quick search, but he was asked about his capitalism movie and debuting in the heart of capitalism and earning money there from it and he responded with some pained acknowledgment of the irony.


This guy is a no good ingrate, he calls himself patriotic? He didn't just bite the hand that fed him, he ate the whole arm.


Seriously. They guy has no real platform. He only goes where the money is in getting people riled up. Besides can we really blame him? Ofcourse he's miserable. Look at him, just, just....Look at him. I mean just look at him. As in like, look at him.


See, there you go again making a great point. It IS small business that largely created the middle class and this bloated hypocrite would be destitute if it weren't for the capitalist society he so blindly attacks.

If only you could screw your head on straight the rest of the way you'd be good to go.


Oh and get this...I heard him actually say on the Colbert Report, "if people keep going to see my movies I'll keep making them."

Is that not the definition of capitalism right there? What a friggin moron.


He is blaming the corporate greed and irresponsibility with the mortgage industry on capitalism. Douche.


Dude, nobody would be greedy in capitalism-

Once true democracy and hence socialism is installed the never erring masses would lead us to new heights of productivity and fulfill every human need.

Those who failed to see the wisdom of said unerring masses would be gently re-educated for their own good and the, of course elected, bureaucrats would never ever have an agenda of their own.

Comrade, get with the program.


He is the left's Rush or Beck


So then we should be happy he is out discrediting the left's agenda. Whew! For a second I thought we might have to be worried.





Are we to imply from from this that Lifty watches Beck?

Whatever anybody think's of Glen Beck he is doing yeoman's work in exposing the underlying fortified leftist political infrastructure that is seeing it's most authentic chapter yet in this nation.

Moore is a discredited lying propagandist. Fahrenheit 911 proved that. Beck isn't perfect, but his information is pretty meticulously and undeniably documented on the far and away most viewed news channel there is. You can determine this by how he is incessantly attacked on a personal level and quoted relentlessly out of context by strategically edited video with very little about the content of his shows.


Actually, I can at least stand listening to Beck sometimes; though he gets to emotional for me which can be quite hard to swallow. I still think he is a shill for the status quo DC Empire-builders Inc. It seems somewhat counterproductive to anything libertarian he has to say.


That's because he isn't a Libertarian. He often supported President Bush's policies and backed him in the 2004 election.

Maybe he has changed his tone recently, but then again, he has show on Fox News. Rupert won't allow anyone to rock the boat on his airwaves.




Moore is simply the vanguard of the workers' permanent revolution. He's a rather large vanguard.


Moore (despite being right most of the time) is not a leftist. Ironically, he and the "leftists"/social democrats, etc. are in reality conservative. The leftists (at least the revolutionary leftists) support the libertarian platform. The fast and more completely their policies are put in place, the faster capitalism will collapse.