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Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech


I'm surprised no one mentioned this. I guess Kanye is more important.

Did anyone see or hear the full speech?


I saw the full speech last week. Very good shit, mentioning his motivations and stuff.


I saw it. I originally watched it because I read a story basically calling him an asshole for his speech, but when I watched it I didn't see anything wrong with it.


Kanye interrupted it


I liked it. It was nice to see someone deliver something off the cuff with just a general outline to work from instead of reading a book to us. He didn't pull any punches either.


"Professional" Bloggers are fuckin morons.

And I didnt think he was joking either when he said "You might see me playing at 50".

And the best part, "Limits, like fears are often just an illusion".


I had no problem with it, though the media is trying to make something of it. Of course, I'm a huge Jordan fan, so I may be biased.


The best part is that his competitveness on the court really backed up every part of his speech.
His quotes his, stories all seem to be truely how he lives his life vs. all the standard thank this person blah blah blah speeches.


I recorded it. I don't care what anyone says, that's the baddest motherfucker of all time.


I liked it too. I guess people were expecting him to be humble, kiss ass, and cry about this being the greatest moment ever.

Way to go, MJ.


Men will find his speech refreshing and appropriate.

Girly-men will get pissed because they feel inadequate.

As long as someone is genuine with their words I have no problems at all.


He's Michael Jordan. He's the one dude on the planet who can get away with talking in the third person, though he seldom [if ever] does. If any of ya'll doubt how cold he was go watch "come fly with me".


Saw Jerry Sloan's speech, it was a good one even though he hates doing that kind of stuff.

Going to watch the rest on NBA.com.


Jordan's speech was refreshingly honest and, yes, it was a little asshole-ish. But that's who Jordan is and what made him great.

Stockton's speech was also very good. It was humble and cleverly humorous.


Shit, now I have to youtube Stockton's speech.


Absolutely, MJ was, is and always will be the Greatest Basketball player! His passion and competitive drive probably never will be matched!


That's a little short sighted. There could be another millenia of basketball left to be played, there's already 1 player (Kobe) that [bold]could[/bold] threaten MJ's spot as the best before he's done, and you're already giving MJ the "best there ever will be" award.


Speech was very nice and very good.

And at 50, he would have PPG season average at least 15.0. Just give him a shot, he would make it.

Even now, he dunks in jeans, and when he comes to someones practice for fun, younger guys can't guard him if their life depended on it.

MJ rules.


Kobe will never be in MJ's spot as the greatest. Kobe isn't even in the top 5 all time IMO.

once MJ got to the top he never relinquished it


Kobe can't touch Jordan. Jordan would intimidate him and make him his bitch in his prime. Fuckin A can't fuck with those Carolina boys.