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Michael Jordan Travels


For tears now since the Internet and YouTube had been available I've seen bitching about depth, benches and other powerlifts . But how do other sports call things according to their published rules?

  1. In old time baseball , at least into the 80s you could be within a yard of second base on a double play as a shortstop and the runner coming from first was out.

2. There has never been a controversial call by a referee in college football at the D1 level, NFL regular season, playoff or super bowl. Especially after replay .

  1. The MLB strike zone? Seriously ?? It hasn't been knees to chest as far as I know. And no catcher ever pulls one back in that's a little outside.

These are sports , real sports with full time, highly paid professional officials in the case of baseball and basketball . Very highly trained in football's case. And mistakes are made.

Ever see a cyo basketball game? Traveling is actually called on the ten year old boys and girls. But the best players in the game have this basic rule ignored ? Why?

We all know why. I'm not advocating crappy refereeing in powerlifting , but want to pose a question , if basic rules are ignored in high level big money sports and fans aren't complaining about strike zones, traveling, or non holding calls? Why in powerlifting ?

I do fry in powerlifting there are only nine lifts in a meet lasting a fee seconds each . In other sports you do have multiple opportunities to come back and even things out. But a squat is an inch high and people blow their o rings out while Michael Jordan takes three steps does some crazy dunk and people jizz themselves . While a sixth grade girl gets called for traveling .


Personally, I don't care about a single missed call. It happens.

But the perception is that it has become a trend. There's plenty of video I can reference but I am going to refrain.


I agree frank. I Want tighter judging, but from personally seeing lifts and Then reviewing video of the same lift, things look different . Some lifters will make it easier with their proportions and choice of gear.

I argue that the sport is considered niche or a joke because of what it is, not adherence to any rule
. We delude ourselves that if we did this or that people would love us. They love racing, football, baseball, basketball, golf and so many other sports before weight sports . We love it and understand it and that's okay. But mainstream will never embrace it. Why?

Maybe athleticism? Anyone can squat . It's the same with weight differences . I know that's the point. But it's different than a perfect drive on the golf course, hitting a slider over the fence , or skating at 20mph and getting one past the goalie

The cyo games I mentioned have more fans than powerlifting meets.

So we want standards . I have my own. I can judge a meet and determine if I think it's legit .

The new gear is hard and makes for new challenges. But people aren't any stronger. We all know this. It's the gear. Is there a 165 that would beat a young bridges, coan, or gaugler with the same gear ? Doubt it. The ipf and IOC created new weight classes recently and in the past IMO to set new records.

We don't have that team like competition with an individual sport. People don't follow individual sports outside of mma. Tennis? Track? Not really .

So the new gear adds a twist to things. And people can lift raw yet. And old timers like me can sort it out. And if the young guys can't , does it really matter?


True... but some are blatant. One statistic I would like to see is the # of WR attempts turned down. I'm not focusing my attention on one single federation with that statement. It's not hard to imagine that a meet director would allow a bad lift to pass just to be able to advertise the fact that a WR was broken at their meet.

I've heard you allude to this a couple of times and while I respect your opinion, it bothers me. The gear adds a whole new dynamic to the sport. Yes, the gear has changed and allows more weight to be lifted. The truth is, almost all of the top guys in the sport today are using it, so we'll never get a fair apples to apples comparison.


These are all excellent points frank . I don't put stock in the term world record anymore . Apples to apples can never be made anymore . Records from the early 80s didn't have the same level of testing. New single ply gear is much more than I used in 1982-1988. And the monolift which I like has definitely changed things . But I don't worry about that anymore .

I look at raw lifts and certain lifts and log them in my IMO record book. I think the single fed days are over.

But we now lift how you like . You can go at it raw and compare your stats .

But I'll make my own. No one beats kaz, Coan or bridges in their prime with equivalent conditions. I'm open to arguments on this. But I've seen these guys stand so far above everyone else that it was silly.

My point with this is many sports dont follow their own tulesm. Fans ignore this in those sports .