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Michael Jordan 'Failure' Commercial

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EmilyQ wrote:
Mick28 wrote:
EmilyQ wrote:
You seemed to be suggesting that it was hubris for him to drop basketball, which he did well, to play baseball, which he did not do well, and at which he failed. Your post sounded a little sneering to me. In fact, a lot sneering.

Sneering huh? Well, maybe it was, so what?

Well, so, this is where we started. I was simply saying that I thought it was courageous of him to drop the thing he did incontestably well to do the thing he risked doing poorly. Most people would stay safely in their comfort zone. I view his choice as being entirely in character for him…an offshoot of the drive and fortitude that brought him greatness.

Yes, it can be looked at that way. But then again, if you are going to have NIKE do a commercial around you and talk about your failures have at least enough character to mention surely the biggest failure in your athletic career. The Commercial, like so many that surround star athletes, is disingenuous.

And the fact that me pointing this out actually bothers you is just absurd and most likely demonstrates the ill will that you carry from getting slapped around by me on other threads involving more of your wacky ideas.

I always adjust my posts to the level of the people I’m trying to reach. Since I didn’t have a crayon available I couldn’t quite reach down to your level. So, I did the best I could under the circumstances.

Not at all grouchy just trying to sweep out the trash. It’s never a clean job, but someone has to do it.

Well, you see genius, one can make two points in one sentence. Sorry you couldn’t keep up with it.

I w i l l T y p e S l o w e r f o r y o u


Sorry to hear that you’re actually trying…and you just can’t keep up.

Don’t be mean. It’s beneath you.

I’m responding at the level I was attacked. Or, do liberal big mouth know nothings have a lock on free speech? Let’s see, let me put it this way, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Plus, I’m just figuring you’re still bitter from when you were mocking the way rappers dress compared to rock ‘n’ rollers, and I posted that insanely uncool picture of Van Halen.

Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I must have missed that one. Are you saying that you searched out yet another of the threads that I posted on so that you could argue an opposing view?

It might be time that you let go of this little vendetta have. While your original attack post might make you feel better the ensuing give and take doesn’t seem to set very well with you.


Slapped around for my wacky ideas? This vendetta? My ill will?? Searching out threads you post on? Huh??

Mick, you’re crazy.

A) I don’t mind the heat in the kitchen if the heat is productive. So cooking heat = fine, while gratuitously lighting the kitchen table on fire = pointless.
B) My ideas aren’t wacky.
C) I didn’t attack you, I disagreed and explained why, then questioned you. When you responded with insults I bit back a little. But just a little.
D) I don’t have a vendetta against you. I sort of like you! Despite your crankiness. Because sometimes you’re pretty funny (purposely), and I agree with you on a number of core beliefs, though in many cases I disagree about how best to act on those beliefs.

Fair enough. That makes sense.

Anyway, back to Jordan…

I wonder if he could’ve gotten 8 rings if he didn’t retire in '93.

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I’m feeling pretty close to done, yeah. Just one clarification…am I the Anti American austrian Whore, or is Michael Jordan?

As for following you into threads, Mick…I read the rap thread because I’m interested in rap. I’ve posted in hip-hop/rap threads previously. When you posted one of your disruptive comments in the thread, I responded with a photo and a brief comment. If a picture of Van Halen in tight pants is an attack…then fine, I attacked you. If asking if Lance Armstrong’s sport-switching bothers you is an attack, then fine.

You’re a delicate little guy, huh? I didn’t realize. I’ll be more careful in future. The very last thing in the world I want to do is frighten and upset you. I just didn’t know that you’re so…limited…that way. But I know now. You can calm down, there’s no need to go into a complete tizzy.

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Calm down, Mick. It’s over now. No more following. No more attacks. No more pictures of Van Halen or questions about Lance Armstrong. Take a deep breath. I won’t attack you anymore.