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Michael Jordan 'Failure' Commercial


Best commercial ever.


i've always liked this one.


Yeah...that commercial puts his career in perspective....but have you seen Older MJ vs. Young MJ?


Damn, that's some powerful message.

It sent shivers down my spine.

Gatorade makes some of the most inspiring and moving commercials. They should make one up for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to play on a free Apple iPhone dropped out of a B-52 bomber.

Propaganda? Absolutely.

Effective? Unknown.

Worth a try? T-Nation what do you think?
It's not like the current strategy is working in Iraq or Afghanistan.



My biggest gripe with the young MJ/old MJ commercial is that in real life, young MJ would have obliterated old MJ in a game of 1 on 1.


Great, then we'd just have a bunch of inspired terrorists.


In Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals, Chicago trailed by one point with just seconds left on the clock. They had time for one last shot: a score, and the Bulls win their second straight championship 4-2; a miss, and they have to travel to Utah to face the Jazz in a decisive Game 7.

During the final timeout, coach Phil Jackson drew up a play for MJ to take the final shot. He turned to his gym-rat, brilliant shooting guard Steve Kerr and asked what he thought about the play.

Kerr's immortal response: "Michael Jordan has missed 9,000 shots, lost 300 games..."

The huddle died laughing, and at the final buzzer, it was Steve Kerr who nailed the Championship clinching jumper. Picture above.


You win the thread.... try and repost your pic though.


Tried posting again.

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thats an amazing story! Is it true?


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But with such grace and good humor, I would count it a success. It takes courage to chase a dream as publicly as he did, to risk looking foolish. And let's face it, he's a gifted enough athlete that he could just as easily have succeeded.

Were you irritated when Lance Armstrong ran the NYC Marathon, too?

orion, I loved the commercial. Thanks for posting it.


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Maybe it's a failure worth mentioning, but it wouldn't have fit-in in this commercial.


Perhaps it's good I have you to explain things to me, using those small, simple words of yours. As well as less punctuation than is typical, because you seem to understand instinctively how much all those apostrophes and commas confuse me.

No one said anyone said that. So...your point?

You seemed to be suggesting that it was hubris for him to drop basketball, which he did well, to play baseball, which he did not do well, and at which he failed. Your post sounded a little sneering to me. In fact, a lot sneering.

I wonder if a change in diet would sweeten your disposition? Maybe some vitamins? More sleep? It can't be pleasant to be as grouchy as you are, Mick.

Lance hubristically claimed he'd finish the marathon in under 3 hours. Many people were outraged at his arrogance in making the claim. (He made it. But only just barely.)

Fine. Then say that, instead of the incredibly bitter-sounding "I thought I was so gifted that I could play any sport I wanted."

In which case, I would say something like "I totally agree with you! And hey, as gifted an athlete as he is, he had a good shot at succeeding."

Are you suggesting that I study your posts, brow furrowed in concentration, trying to work out WTF you're trying to say? But Mick, I already do that!




Most of the times I study his posts, brow furrowed in concentration, barely believing WTF he is trying to say.


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Well, so, this is where we started. I was simply saying that I thought it was courageous of him to drop the thing he did incontestably well to do the thing he risked doing poorly. Most people would stay safely in their comfort zone. I view his choice as being entirely in character for him...an offshoot of the drive and fortitude that brought him greatness.

Don't be mean. It's beneath you. Plus, I'm just figuring you're still bitter from when you were mocking the way rappers dress compared to rock 'n' rollers, and I posted that insanely uncool picture of Van Halen.


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