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Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins in Undisputed 2


They looked awesome in that movie. What do you think that their stats are? I've heard that Michael Jai white is 220lbs, and has 16'' arms, and that Scott Adkins is 6'2'', 205lbs, and has 16'' arms. That doesn't sound right though, does it?


Micheal jai White had some great moves in that movie.

He specifically trains so that he can build himself as much as possible but still fit into roles for smaller people. He has stated he avoids training traps strictly for that purpose...because big traps are something you can't hide, much like really wide shoulders.

I would guess his arms as bigger than only 16" though and recommend you take many of the stats listed for actors with a grain of salt. They "CONVENIENTLY" have the same sized arms?

Yeah, right.


lol...retarded stats aside,Scott Akins is supposedly in bad ass fight scene with Hugh Jackman in Wolverine movie.

And they just announced him in Undisputed 3 as well.

Seriously,who care's about either of their "stats" when you see how athletic these guys are. Especially when they're not the size of gymnasts either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol...and why two threads about this??


I acidentally thought that the first one didn't go through. But what you said about their atletisim is true. I've never seen guys that big that can move that well. I peronally think that Scott Adkins build looked better. But, just out of curiosity, do you think his arms, scott adkins, were over 16''?




You can see a 6'2 220-250lb move like that in alot of places, it just so happens that doing flips in the middle of a fight can get you knocked out.

Michal Jai has a few youtube videos of his training, and states he still trains 3 hours a day, about an hour of bodybuilding and 2 overall training.


It was all CGI. All big guys are UNfunctional. Any tiny MMA weekend warrior can destroy those big guys in real life.


i don't know about the tiny dudes, Brock Lesnar vs BJ Penn would be a joke for Penn. Why can't anyone give a serious answer to an innocent question?


Because you weren't answered?


I'm not pissed or anything, but it's just like people have nothing better to do on bodybuilding boards than just act like kids sometimes. I mean what's so wrong in asking a serious, albeit dumb, question, and responding respectfully? so I asked a question about someone else's arm size, how could I do such a thing?


5 posts and you already whine more than the trolls on this site. You were answered directly. Get the fuck over it. At least three people in this thread answered your question straight forward, including me.


Laugh out fucking loud.


Michael Jai White was massive in Undisputed 2. His arms are definitely over 16". Scott, I don't know. His arms will most likely be over 16", but it won't be much.


Let me condense your question.

"What's wrong with asking a dumb question?"

This is impossible, by Newtons 21st law of Third Grade
"Theres no such thing as a dumb question"

Since there is no such thing as a dumb question, you could not have asked a question since you claimed to have asked a dumb question. There for nobody answers a question you never asked.

This is basic logic taught in Stats 101.


thank you sick rick, that's a direct answer. to prof x, dude, it's sad to see that your obviously more upset than I am right now. sorry to upset you. I wasn' that upset to begin with.


I really Jai as a regular actor and hope he does more stuff than just physical roles. I remember his Mike Tyson movie and Spawn. Shit I even watched Universal Soldier 2, just to see him only to get pissed that he was 99% voice over and 1% actual fight scene.

And like I'm supposed to believe that a washed up Van Damme could shatter-kick the frozen Jai White in that movie...Jai was having to slow move to the stupid wire work just to "accidentally" bumble into the liquid nitrogen.

I haven't been that pissed off that an inferior fighter has shattered a superior black martial artist since Sylvester Stallone kicked the frozen head off of Blade.


Jai White doesn't have nothing on Jaleel White.


Maybe his arms are 16" cold, he can certainly get a good additional inch over them with a pump.


and you are suprised???????????????