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Michael Jackson's Legacy and Overlooking his Faults


A lot of the black press has had a non-stop worship for MJ lately. Come on, this guy is a d-bag of the finest. What has he done that Oprah wouldn't have done for blacks, or the next hot rap group? the guy was a sicko, and here you have a REVEREND sharpton extolling his virtues as if he was the reincarnation of christ himself. Don't you have to have a sense of character in order to be thought of as a decent person?


If any of the notable black people in the forum like X or big_boss could explain this to me you would be doing me a service. Thank you.


I agree, MJ worship was WAY over the top, made me sick to my stomach.


Um... who are the "black press"?


@DD: BET, african american magazines. You also have these black leaders, again like sharpton that will give nothing but praise, without looking at the other side as well.


Personally, I don't think that the over the top MJ coverage was limited to anything from the black community (I also have to ask what the black press is), or black leaders. It was simply everywhere, you couldn't escape it no matter how hard you tried. The coverage was equal or greater to anything a president would have recieved. Sad really. Personally, I don't give a shit if I hear anything more about that wierdo or his whacked out family ever again.

And a big WTF goes out to the city of Las Angeles. 1.4 million? good grief. Make the damned family foot the bill.


Well, channels like BET would give only the positive side of MJ and mention his accomplishments. CNN took a more neutral view and imho listed both his drawbacks and the positive things that he has done.

But what about his legacy? Should he be remembered as a great man? Or as the biggest thing since beethoven, somebody who just happened to like boys?


I suggest you do a little reading into Michael Jackson's charity work.

However, I'm sure he - and Oprah - didn't realize they were competing against each other.

Here ya go:

Note: I am not going to get into a Was-Michael-Jackson-A-Good-Person? argument here... that was done in a thread created on the day of his death. Just shedding some light on why SOME people might consider him a decent person.


Not this tired shit again.


I haven't listened to him since I was six years old, and haven't put much thought into his psychological profile, but he was arguably one of the most famous people on earth and died at a reasonably young age under strange circumstances. It doesn't seem strange to me that it has dominated the media.


Seems to be the press in general.


Maybe you should actually listen to what they are saying. And try thinking. Michael Jackson was a sick man. And it shouldn't be forgotten. He had serious issues whether or not he was actually a child molestor (far from clear). But he was one of kind and he did revolutionize music. He was an amazing talent. Hence the 'hero worship.'


Yes. Certainly from what I've seen. Attempt to cast this a a white/black thing are nauseating. Doesn't look to be like that to me at all.