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Michael Jackson


He apparently has a back injury today so he was late for court, he's there now though but he's in "distress". I think he probably hurt it doing heavy deadlifts. What do you guys think?


I think Jackson's going to eat a bullet if he gets convicted (which I think he should). No way he'd survive prison.


oh yeah I forgot to ask that, do you all think he's gonna off himself before or after all this? I definitely think he's going to die soon, in some way or another.


You don't think they'd be mollified if he sang "Beat It" to them?


I think being convicted requires more than simply being "strange". What gets me is the apparent hatred of him by so many people all of a sudden. The guy is weird, possibly mentally stunted in age, and has been allowed to grow up isolated from most of the world. While I may not think he is completely right in the head, there is a big jump from that and wanting him to die.

Also, considering the boy has lied on the stand, I have little doubt that this was a stunt to get more money out of him. Should he be more aware? Hell yes. He needs to wake up and realize that he grew up over 20 years ago. That doesn't mean he deserves jail time or death.


He actually did get hurt in training, hes reportedly going to be come a jockey after the trial. Hes excited about the chance to mount three year olds.



I certainly don't hate Jackson, but I do believe there is enough circumstantial evidence for me any way to believe he is a pedophile and belongs in jail.


I hope that weirdo goes to prison. He'll be tossing salads in no time.

Maybe he will come out a T-man. Either way, he will definetly have some extra testosterone inside of him in no time.

I'm not being racist, sexist, etc etc etc.


I believe the trial is about his sexual escapades with little boys, THAT is fucking strange.


No doubt. It's retarded that a grown man would allow himself to get "set up" if he actually is innocent. However, regardless of how crazy I may think he is, if he turns out to be innocent, then crazy is all he is. I tend to go against mob mentality. Mike has acted that way since Billy Jean. The only thing that changed was the rest of us who were wearing the same zipper jackets to elementary school grew up.


Circumstantial bollocks.

would you like your liberty to ride on that. and in front of 12 morons that will decide the outcome. sheesh


No doubt he is weird, and he did himself no favor when he admitted in that TV interview that he liked to have children sleep in his bed.

"It's quaint, its not sexual. it's very charming."

I get a serious case of the skin crawling whenever I hear that line repeated.


That is what I don't get. There is NO evidence that he is a pedophile. The only thing there is evidence of is that he is off in the head. We KNEW that already.


Here's the deal...what if he is innocent? The man named his kid "Blanket"..."because nothing is as warm and comforting as a blanket." Pedophiles don't speak like that. Men with the brains of a 10 year old speak like that.


Bollocks! I'm not saying he should be convicted on my opinion... I'm saying he has demonstrated enough behavior for me to feel comfortable to believe he is a pedophile! The jury will decide and he will probably walk. I do agree that he is stunted at a certain emotional level like that of a ten year old. You can pity him as a child and the abuse that fostered his abnormal behavior, but not the pedophile, I believe he has become!


He has all the makings of a pedophile.

He has an infatuation with children and likes to share his bed with them. It one thing to like children it is another thing to be obsessed with him the way he is.

Professor X, do you honestly think he isn't a pedophile?


I have been catching a lot of hell from my friends and coworkers over this, but I think he is innocent. All three of the children have lied on the stand, and the Mother is known for trying to swindle people out of money.

Michael is one weird sombitch though, and I think he should have learned from his past mistakes. I know his family is fucked up, but one of the normal ones like Tito or Jermaine should have said "Look Michael, you need to quit letting these little boys sleep in your bed. You weird Sombitch!"

I also blame the boy's family. They knew that Michael was weird and of his past problems. I bet the Mother had this shit planned all along. I personally do not like Michael or his music, but will continue to believe he is innocent until proven guilty.


Here's the deal...what if he is innocent? The man named his kid "Blanket"..."because nothing is as warm and comforting as a blanket." Pedophiles don't speak like that. Men with the brains of a 10 year old speak like that.[/quote]

Gotta agree with you there, as far as the mentality possibilities.

What if he is operating at a 10yr old level and the fondling, etc, did occur, and he thinks nothing is wrong with it because to him its just one kid playing with another kid, hes just a big kid in his mind.

Does that make the behavior okay? No
Should he thrown in prison if it comes out its true? Prison, maybe not, lifetime psychiatric ward, a must.


ProX, I must heartily protest, you have denigrated ten year olds worldwide with that statement. They deserve an apology!


"Honey, I got an idea....let's introduce the boys to Michael Jackson. Maybe he'll invite them to his ranch and then we can accuse him of molesting them and make lots and lots of money!"

"But what if he DOES molest them?"

"Who cares, he'll get over it. And we'll be millionaires!"

Not saying that's what happened here, but come on, Why the fuck would any parent let their sons go and stay with Jackson in the first place?