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Michael Jackson

Don’t know if any of the UK readers saw the program on Michael Jackson the other day… What a nutter…

I believe it’s going to be screened in the US tonight or quite soon…

In it he is interviewed by Martin Bashir, who in the past has interviewed Princess Diana and an English entertainer called Michael Barrymore…

He said that there was nothing wrong with dangling his child he calls “blanket” from the balcony at a German hotel and that the child enjoyed it…

He also made surprising remarks about his friendship with children…

Watch it… very bizarre…


That is a seed that would have been better off being swallowed!

All I can say is Wacko, Jacko.

It’s on tonight… I’ve seen that it’s had some coverage in the American press already.

Also Michael Jackson has made a statement about it as he’d only watched it recently.

I saw an interview with Debbie Rowe this morning on British TV and she said that he was the best father in the world, and that not everyone deserves to be a father or a mother… What a complete muppet…

You have to see this, it’s quite cringeworthy…


Yeah I saw that the other day… I think Australia and Britian got it before the US did.

To be honest though, I didnt find it to be shocking at all (I know you didnt say it was but thats how it was advertised) and I felt that the interviewer was the worst part. I guess I have a soft spot for Michael...

To me the interviewer sensationalized absolutely everything, and alot of the remarks were taken out of context. Almost as if Michael didnt understand the question, or just wasnt thinking when he said stuff, because later in the interview it would come out differently.

One specific incident was when Michael said something along the lines of... I have younger boys sleep in my bed all the time. Only upon further questioning did it come out that he was not in the bed but on the floor. When I saw the advertisement (that only showed the excerpt making it appear as though Michael had admitted being a peadophile) I was shocked but when I saw the whole segment thought that it was not really a big deal at all.. he wasnt in the bed.

If I am baby sitting and a kid wants to sleep in my room I will let them. If I was a gentleman (and I hope that I am) I would offer them my bed and sleep on the floor.
That doesnt make me the psycho.... or a peadophile

Okay.... please forgive me for going on my own little tangent and ranting about things you did not mention.

To answer your questions... yes he did come across as wierd, and the baby thing was wierd and wrong, but not that out of the ordinary... I have seen parents throw their kids as high as possible in the air and catch them, being far more careless. What people dont realize is that dropping a kid from any height has the potential to be disasterous.

Just goes to show you what money can do for you.
Even the most perverted whack-job can have kids sleep with him in bed at night and it’s “OK”.
Somebody put this clown out of his misery.

It’s not OK to have kids sleep in your bed, even if you’re on the floor. Not unless you live in a one room house. Michael Jackson lives on a ranch which I’m sure has multiple bedrooms. He shouldn’t share one with other peoples kids.

What did he say about his disfigurement…I mean plastic surgery? If I were his surgeon I would pay lots of money to never have my name associated with him. He looks like an alien being.

One thing that tripped me out was the fact that all three of Michael’s babies were born with no skin pigmentation.

I mean, he even claims that one of his children was bore by a african american woman.

You’d think that they’d look mulatto. But they don’t. They’re stark white with blond straight hair. Please don’t think I’m being racist, I’m not.

I honestly don’t believe he is their paternal father.

Screens here tomorrow night, I have seen excerpts on the news and will be watch the whole interview.
Interesting that following the screening in UK there has been a massive increase in his record sales.

Okay gang, I watched the special last night and this guy is an effing psycho!! Even more disturbing than his child fetish is the fact that he denies all but two nose jobs. That’s it, so he says. Palease! I don’t even think he’s a homo sapian sapian anymore-maybe some type of tissue growth with a nervous system. Also, I went into the interview leaning the opposite way-I felt sorry for the guy and thought the media just stalked him. Besides, you can’t deny the fact that he’s one talented mutha. No more. Michael is a freak. Heck, this reporter spent a year with him and was ready to get the FBI over at neverland to see exactly what “rides” the children were “on.” :slight_smile:

Just an aside here, but he said his youngest child was born to a “black” woman, not an “african american” woman. I realize it’s PC to use that term these days, but who’s to say that it wasn’t a black woman from England, or Jamaica, or Africa?

Michael is truelly a strange and bizzare person. I hate to admit it but I did watch some of it. I just like to say Micheal get some HELP! because you need it…

Although what type of help can we actually give. He was thrown into an adult life at the age of six so is he truelly just trying to act out his childhood years by surrounding himself w/ a bunch of children.

I feel sorry for the guy he seems to have no sense of reality. Its a shame…

He’s also in denile on how many plastic surgery he has. At one point I wanted to feel sorry for him but then I don’t know weather he was telling the truth or not or is he always in the world he created NEVER NEVER LAND?

Go take a look at the declaration filed in the civil suit against Jackson some years back. It’s available at www.thesmokinggun.com. If the allegations are true, he’s a very, very sick puppy indeed and needs to be kept away from children. If that takes prison time, then he ought to be prosecuted. Instead of Peter Pan, though, he’s going to be somebody’s Wendy or Tinkerbell in prison.

man why did they have to show this thing while i was at the GYM…groan

Holy Sweet Cheezus!

I feel sorry for that guy. And creeped out. I mean, he could of slept in the bedroom down the hall or something. Seriously. And while his kids were getting marauded at the zoo “wanted to see the gorillas.” I feel sorry for those kids. They’re never going to have anything near a “normal” life.