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Michael Jackson Heavy Metal

As strange as Michael Jackson has made himself look, ever think he could join the heavy metal band Slipknot?


A pic of the band Slipknot- where do you think Michael would fit in?


From a pure freak pov, i think he could. but, slipknot takes the masks off, jacko has his on all the time. jacko doesnt yell, growl or play an instrument, so I dont think he would fit in the band. that and he is a total and complete pussy.

Usually after a Slipknot show, I’d assume they get some babes. They may be gothic babes, but they’re babes alright. Thats how Michael wouldn’t fit in.

The rest of the guys would be getting these babes sent to the tourbus whereas Michael would have little Tony and Jeffy sent. It just wouldn’t look right.

Found this in regards to Michael…
kinda scary, but true