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Michael Jackson Deposition

I saw the recent thread on Michael Jackson after his “interview” and i’ll add i was disturbed. But yesterday, someone leaked the original 1993 deposition by the boy who alleged Jackson molested him to the press, and its gruesome. I’m completely horrified by this guy. It’s on www.thesmokinggun.com. If the things this kid alleged are true, Jackson should be NOWHERE near kids. Nowhere. Where the hell is the department of Social Services? We’ve got two types of justice in America - one for celebrities, and one for everyone else.

To Tyler:
We have two types of justice all over the world, one for the rich and one for the poor. Money talks, This isn’t just an American problem.

Just because Jacko is a disturbed individual. I don’t know if he can actually harm a child. I do believe what he is doing is wrong, but how come all this is resurfacing again. Its just the media trying to make money off a strange and bizzare person.

As far as Micheal is concern please don’t put yourself in situations that people can, say that this is strange behavior. Get some help!!! Mentally grow out of your childhood. Your not in Neveland any more. The world you created for yourself.

Tyke: That is a true statement - but i still think that celebrities are still in a league of their own.