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Michael Jackson Dead Today


Damn, it always happens in 3's with celebrities.

Say what you want about him later in life, but he was one talented man..


I saw that he was rushed to the hospital. Where did you read that he was dead?
You misplaced the a and e in his name btw. Just letting you know.


Not dead yet... Unless you're ahead of the news somehow.







drudge report and TMZ are reporting that he is dead.



Damn TMZ really stays right on top of this stuff.


The media just wants him dead so they can make a story.


RIP. I can't believe it.




Weird dude, but tallented as hell.




ok he is dead then just confirmed through BBC


The LA Times has claimed that he is in a coma. Stay tuned guys, the fat lady hasn't sung yet, but she might be warming up.


LA Times says dead, that sucks.


Wonder if his heart pooped out from all the protein powda and roidz???

EDIT: confirmed dead, RIP.


The Associated Press and LA Times have now updated their info to him being dead. Don't know if you guys can see any of this, but there is a crowd of people already gathering outside the hospital right now.


If you go to BBC's website they have a live helicopter on the hospital


Nah. Chuck Norris decided it was his time.