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Michael J. Fox is a Faker


"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act....This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

Is Rush strung out again?


Nope. He's just a fucking scumbag lunatic.

Although by Rush's political stance, Fox probably qualifies as a cripple and so should get the gas chamber.

I love when Rush is on drugs. Far more enteraining.


He's a sorry excuse for a person. No one should give this guy any credit for anything except flappin' his yap.


This is terrible.

This kind of thing is why the best don't often go into politics, because little shitwits like Rush Limbaugh or 265Deadlift or ButtfuckedinBelgium come out of the woodwork and say the most awful reprehensible garbage.

It reminds me of suggesting that George Bush is comparable to fascists and Hitler, that George Bush is a liar and that he killed half a million people in cold blood in a war to get more oil for his VP's friends in Halliburton, that he is a war criminal who staged 9/11.

Or insinuating that George Bush is killing MJ Fox by not allowing public funding of research that violates the most basic, life-and-death ethics of the public who elected him, particularly when the gains of such research, while promising, are fairly speculative.

Who would be evil enough to do that?


He's only had parkinson's for decades... can't imagine why it might be possible for him to show symptoms by now.

Shit, even if he did avoid getting all drugged up so he could do the commercial shoot, you are still looking at a person actually afflicted by disease. WTF?

I think maybe it's time to rethink the attack dog strategy.


Haha. Way to dodge the point shitforbrains.


A.) Nice try, but that spin was weak.

B.) Have you ever heard of the scientific method?


Limbaugh is nothing more than a big corporation shill. He doesn't have a conscious to be ashamed. It is completely appaling. Why people still listen to his half-truths is beyond me. Well then again...I suppose the will to believe can be quite powerful!


When I saw Fox on TV, he actually looked more restrained in movement than I would have expected, given how long he has had the disease.

Tasteless attack.


That is exactly the point. People on both sides of the aisle are full of shit and are more than willing to make personal attacks to discredit the opposition.


That is pathetic.

Posters on a Internet forum influence no one while Rush has you and your right wing nut homeboys doing the ditto head.

Keep up the great work tool.


What the fuck are you talking about?

Prominent liberal entertainers say abominable things too. This is not about an internet forum.

And so far I don't see anyone supporting Rush.


Yea, it's all about those evil corporations.. LOL I love it when you say crap like that. Funny stuff.


You did not name any liberal entertainers.

I was responding to your post specifically.

Olbermann is over the top but he is not as big a scum bag as Rush.


I think calling Michael J. Fox out about his illness is despicable no matter who does it. Obviously if he was supporting a Republican somewhere some liberal nutjob would probably say the same thing.

Even after apologizing he says Michael is exploiting his illness. Bullshit. Go tell Christopher Reeves he was exploiting his paralysis, or tell Nancy Reagan she's exploiting her husband's disease and death.

Crap like that is despicable, regardless who does it.


Sorry I don't have the desire to google all the stupid statements said by left wing Hollywoord nutjobs.

And I still see no one defending Rush.


Some guys on T-Nation, like Harris, have tried to insult me because of my asthma (which kept me out of the military). Does this apply to those guys as well?


I think Maher is considered to be a "liberal" entertainer and I cannot remember an incident where he went that personal and low.

Neither did Jon Steward or Steve Colbert, Ann Coulter on the other hand...


90% of the people I have met that have asthma can do just about anything physically I can do, some even got over their asthma. Does your asthma leave you dehabilitated and unable to function normally? If you get the asthma attacks where its pretty much life or death unless you get an inhaler, then I can understand why the military said no, if its one of the much milder forms of asthma, well, whatever.

Oh yeah, I don't hold asthma in the same vein as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. Asthma is a minor inconvenience, the other 2 are clusterfucks.


The rule at the time was that if you've been treated with asthma meds after age 15, its NO THANKS. They don't want to fuck with it and I don't blame them. Pre-existing conditions disqualify you, plain and simple. This actually keep many inner-city teens from joining, as they either have asthma or an arrest record. In either case, they won't take you. And no Harris, I've never been arrested.