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Michael Crabtree Willing to Sit Out Season for More Money



Come on, the dude has never played a down in the NFL and is already complaining he is not making enough money, let alone hes using pre-draft ranking, which is completely hypothetical, as his reasoning. What happened to the days when pro athletes got paid by proving themselves on the field?


If i had a chance to learn anything about football from Samurai Mike, I'd do it for free.


This fits perfectly with the whole "entitlement" discussion in the other thread. What he did in college in a receiver-friendly system doesn't mean jack in the NFL. His cousin talking about "fair market value" is a complete douche bag.


Just about to post this. This is one of the most absurd things I've ever heard. Someone needs to sit this retard down and explain to him that he should be grateful for earning any money, let alone millions to play a childs game and get a free ride through life. This is further proof that society is going down the shitter.


I find it hysterical that professional athletics is probably the only career in the world where you can literally become a millionaire for doing nothing, case in point Ryan Leaf and other over hyped dud's that got paid the big bucks to suck.

Yes I know that these guys need to get paid in case an injury happens that ends their career and they have nothing else to fall back on because sports is all they know, but it's getting ridiculous the amount of money these rookies are expecting to get paid upfront. Name me one career where an employer will literally pay for you to live comfortably the rest of your life, before any work is performed, based off of analysis that you MIGHT be got at that job.


Too bad he's not playing the Chargers. I was really hoping my boys would get the chance to light his punk ass.



and this crabtree fellow is just another ocho cinco.


First he comes out after Soph year with a bum ankle...AND still gets drafted high as WR. And now this? This is ridiculous. 49ers receiving corps is deep enough to make up for his absence if he holds out. He's going to fuck himself and end up back in TX selling insurance and coaching Pop Warner.


And btw, fuck Ryan Leaf, he ruined my last years in San Diego. Qualcomm stadium kicks the crap out of FedEx Field.


Sports are entertainment vehicles - look at the money actors make for 3 months work doing a movie - millions of dollars = same thing.


Ryan Leaf is about to be the "white Fleece Johnson."


lol exactly what I thought when I read that article. I mean this is like a slap in the face to tried and true veterans. Who does he think he is?


For the most part I would agree with that, but you don't see college kids who were excellent actors in their colleges productions all of a sudden moving to Hollywood and making 10 mill a picture. At least in movies you get paid for producing results, i.e. acting skills, high grossing movies, etc.

With this clown and many like him, the sense of entitlement is outrageous. Yeah the dude has potential and could be a damn good NFL player, but what has he proven at that level of competition to sit on his high horse and complain about how another player (Darrius Heyward-Bey), who according to "experts" is inferior, and demand he make more money than him.

If I were Heyward-Bey I would be pissed at this guy. How does Crabtree know he's better than him, cause Mel Kiper said so?


The trouble with this situation, is that you don't know who's really making these demands. He could just have a real dickhead for an agent. Obviously he's the one listening to him, but for a 21 year old kid it's tough when someone's in your ear with bullshit 24/7.


does crabtree think that he will get drafted higher next year? because i highly doubt it! first teams will know that he is a headache and a distraction, second he will be out of the game for a bit over a year with no field time, and third he will not be able to workout for any team or re enter the combine because the 49ers still hold his rights. Stock value for him WILL plummet if he sits out and then hell get picked up in the 3rd round and make 3rd round money.

yes, i agree his agent is a dick and has alot to do with this situation, basing his salary on an imaginary draft, really...?.

Would you draft this kid in the top 10 next year? dont think so...

p.s. nice to see we the BOLTS fans around here


I agree that he should take what he is offered, but at the same time, they're offering him 23.5 mil when heyward-bay is getting 38 mil. He has a point. Also, who the hell else is going to catch balls in SF, other than maybe Vernon Davis? My point is that he has leverage. I can't really rag on a guy for wanting to get paid as much as possible, especially since he'll just get forgotten like anyone else who plays for that franchise now.


I have never understood this mentality. If he thinks he can get more money by doing this, it's his right. If he fails he's only hurting himself. NFL teams are not charities, it's not like he's holding some non-profit's feet to the fire here, how many millions does the team make each year? how many billions does the league make? If the owners are getting rich off of him, he has a right to get as much of a piece of that as he can. Owners and GMs are businessmen, if they make the deal its because they think it is financially in their favor to do so. If everyone had the "take what is offered to you and be greteful for it" mentality, players would still make what they did 20 years ago.


he is untested in the NFL, so has no room to demand shit. MAYBE after a season he could get cocky if he did well, but to throw a bitch fit about this is... being a little bitch.


Thank you; this is almost exactly what I'm saying. Do I think he is making a smart business decision by sitting out of camp like this? No... because there's a good chance he won't be totally ready for the season and might hurt his production and thus hurt future earnings.

However, think about it like this: if 2 games into his career he snaps his leg in half and ends his career, the team can (and will) cut him and won't pay him shit except any guaranteed money he negotiated in his contract. This is not like the NBA where almost all of your contract is guaranteed no matter what happens, you see guys in the NFL get cut all the time with millions still left on their contract.

Put yourself in his situation: you've been trained your whole life to do exactly one thing. You have very limited education because you had morning workouts or film study or road trips so you took joke classes in school. The typical career of an NFL player lasts 3 or 4 years, after which you will still be responsible for the livelihood of not only yourself but often as many as 10 members of family, extended family or other assorted hangers-on. If you sign a contract, you are bound to show up and work for that contract or not get paid but if you happen to get hurt or play poorly then your team can cut you an often have no obligation to pay you anything.

You better believe I would be doing everything to get paid as much as possible on that first contract! I do think, however, that he's probably not going about it the best way.


I completely agree, I would much rather him go out and bust his ass to prove that he is worth more IN THE NFL. However, he was, arguably, the best college reciever yet and as such, I can see why he would want more cash.

I'm not saying that I'm on his side, but I can still see his side of the argument. I don't think he will skip this season and re-enter the draft, or at least I hope not.