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Micelob Ultra 1 + 1 = 5

I don’t know, I am not a mathatetician but I think something is amiss with Michelob Ultra’s calorie count 95 calories from 2.6 grams of carbs, .6 grams of protien and 0 grams of fat. I didn’t look it up but I recall a gram of protien or carbs have 4 calories and a gram of fat has like 12. Where are all the calories coming from?

If it is from alcohol, isn’t that really similar to a sugar?

I’m not being anal here. If you are doing a keto diet and drinking Ultra, thinking you are fine when in fact you are sucking 20 grams of carbs with every beer, you are going to F up your state of ketosis.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram.

The rest of the calories are from alcohol which turns into fat.When I was on the Ketosis diet last year I was thinking the same thing.I can drink a 6 pack and still stay under 20 carbs.I drank the beer but it made me feel allot drunker than normal.Plus after I drink I’m always in the mood for something sweet but instead I had to have a steak.To answer your question…NO…it didn’t effect my Ketosis state.

P and C have 4 each, fat has 9, and each gram of alcohol has 7 kcal.

And you’re right–if your on a serious diet, keto or not, alcohol is not part of the game plan for many reasons.

In Michelob Ultra, like all beer, the majority of the calories come from the alcohol. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram. The low carb thing is just a way to hop on the bandwagon because most people don’t know that the alcohol itself contains calories. I’ve had this same conversation with many Atkins dieters. Miller Lite has something like 3.4 g carbs, much less than a “low carb” bar that has 20 g of glycerine. So the bottom line is, if you’re on a hypocaloric diet, which ketogenic diets often are, you can’t overdo it on alcohol of any kind. If a beer has 100 calories and you drink 5 late at night, you’re basically offsetting any caloric defecit that may have been achieved earlier in the day.

The rest of the calories come from Sugar Alcohols, which have about 8 calories/gram.

First and foremost, Michelob Ultra (or any Michelob, Bud, Coors, etc. product) is piss. If you are going to drink a beer, drink a good beer and don’t mess around with that shit.
Secondly, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. :slight_smile:

this has been discussd many times before, use the search engine.

don’t drink beer on a keto diet. Unbelievable!

Sully = Correct

JWright: sugar alcohols have 4.32 cals per gram, alcohol has 7 cals per gram. dont mean to be narky :slight_smile:

Whetu - thanks man, didn’t know that. Seriously :slight_smile:

Is it bad that I judge a person’s worth by what kind of beer they drink?

Big Bad Mean Sully drink thick beer you can cut and eat. Me like.

JK Sully. I live in St. Louis, so Budweiser breweries are right here. The other day, I got a 12 pack, and the born on date said 3 days before I bought it. Talk about some fresh beer. And damn does it taste so much better.

No, Sully. You are doing the right thing. I believe a Canadian friend of mine once put it best:

“If it’s American beer, nine times out of 10 I’m better off drinking my own urine.”

90% seems about accurate for the piss-content of domestic beer.

Yeah, I don’t drink very much American beer. For the most part, it does suck, and that makes me sad.

Beer = Good

American beer doesn’t suck, it just doesn’t have a lot of character, because beers with character don’t sell in the US.

If it doesn’t have character, what DOES it have??? Yes, there are some good beers here, but on the whole American beer does suck. With the rise in craft brewing, perhaps that will change.

No, big-lable american beer just blows. (Bud, Coors, MGD, etc.)

End of Story.