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Micellar Casein


I was wondering if anyone could explain the differences between Micellar Casein and other cheaper types of casien protein.



It all can be found in TC's thread "Nighttime Blues":




More can ALSO be found in his article "Protein Majic":




Sorry if I overlooked it but all I saw in the thread was discussion stating that Micellar casein was better, not why it was better.



Casein, in its natural form is a collection of proteins that form micelles within the milk (which causes the whitey color to the milk). During processing of casein into casinate, there are two potential things that happen.
If it is an acid casein, the acid used will disrupt hte bonding around the calcium within the micelle, causing it to denature and precipitate from the milk, making it easily to remove and cleanse to make a casinate powder.
If it is a rennit casein, the chymosine enzyme will clip the glycomacropeptide off the kappa casein, causing the denaturing and precipitation prior to cleansing etc..

Micellar casein (as is MPI and MPC) is concentrated via microfiltration and ultrafiltration (maybe difiltration) depending on the factory. This means that the casein micelle has not been denatured and exists in its 'natural' Quaternary structure


Cool, thanks for the info.