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Micellar Casein/Whey Blend Adv.?


I've been using Optimum Nutrition's 100% casein protein for my night time shake.

The Op Nut tub lists micellar casein as being the first ingrediant - does anyone here know just how much micellar casein there is in it?

I know that Low-Carb Grow! contains approx 50% micellar casein. God - the Op Nut stuff tastes so awful (chocolate) that I am sorely tempted to move to Grow!, just on a taste basis (I'm getting to the point of throwing up just smelling it!).

BTW (and apologies if I've missed this elsewhere), is there an advantage to having a whew/casein blend (Grow!), as opposed to pure casein? As I said, I use this shake primarily at bedtime, and use whey (with milk and a banana) at other times during the day (around my regular meals).


Why torture yourself?

Pick up a tub of Grow! and give it a try. You won't regret it.

Good nutrition doesn't have to be painful.


Grow! tastes good and I felt significant differences in using it over a lot of other products.

Now that I'm done plugging Grow!, hearing about the science behind it is encouraging (what I think isr was getting at) and comparing products against other products is something any sensible buyer should do. Caveat emptor.

Try it and then make your own cost/benefit decision.


Yup, I am going to give it a try (care to recommend any flavour? - how does banana taste like?).

Just curious about the micellar casein content issue. From what I've read on this site, it seems that micellar casein is pretty expensive.

With Op Nut, micellar casein is listed as the 1st ingredient, the other protein being calcium caseinate. If ingrediants are listed in order of amount, then wouldn't this mean that Op Nut is a greater source of micellar casein?

Also, is there any difference in the quality of the micellar casein used in both cases?

Just curious - would really like to know ....


(Sigh) The fact that it tastes and smells bad ought to tell you that it is made from inferior proteins. If you try Grow!, you won't be dissappointed, nor will you ever want to try anything else. It is the best on the market, imo, and I have tried just about every powder out there.


I'd assume that much in the same way there is much variance in whey proteins quality/purity between brands, there would be variance in the quality/purity of micellar casein.

I've only tried vanilla - it's pretty tasty.


Well, taste is not necessarily indicative of quality. Aren't there some proteins which are supposed to taste bad?

Anyway, because ON is the first micellar casein I've tried, I don't know what it is supposed to taste like - hence my question. ON whey is ok, but I'm going to try out Grow as a replacement for ON casein.

Lots of informed opinion on this site - I'm still digesting (doh!) the articles. Just wondering if anyone here had any specific info on the quality of ON micellar casein. Would be nice to know, for comparison.



I guess most taste bad when not flavored, especially hydrolysed proteins. But, none should make you choke or want to puke while drinking them. And from experience, ON is one of the worst tasting and blending proteins I have ever bought. Just a waste of money.


I've been quite happy with ON natural whey (blended with milk and a banana). Its just the ON casein which I find difficult (smell is really offputting). Which one did you try?

Looking forward to trying Grow! Just ordered banana low-carb (tired of chocolate and strawberry).


I bought the 100% whey. It was just awful.


I have bought the 100% casein and I thought it tasted great. I don't know what you guys are talking about. Also, the 100% is 100% casein. With Grow!, whey isolate is the first ingredient I believe which is why it isn't as thick/bad tasting as the 100% casein.


Taste is a subjective thing I guess :wink:
. Actually, its the smell more than anything. I've now started to mask it with peanut butter and honey - now it tastes like liquid toffee :))

BTW, does anyone know if there is any difference in quality between ON's micellar casein, and Biotest's? Or is all micellar casein pretty much the same?


The reason that Grow! has whey isolate and micellar casein is that your body needs both quickly absorbed protein and slower releasing protein, thats why Grow! is the best at all times, its an all around great product and for the price I dont see how you would even bother with ON, I think ON is garbage and thats putting it lightly. Why drink something that tastes like crap? That is what will screw up your goals more than anything.

I actually remember buying Pinnacle Protein powder and it was horrid tasting I remember having a shake, (tastes like seaweed, I think it had seaweed or some weird sea extract in it) and later going to a friends place and getting drunk. To say the least I remember barfing it up... Never drank it again, I gave it away... You wont achieve your goals buying filthy shit. Spend a bit more and avoid throwing out unused portions. That is how you save money and achieve your goals.


I made the mistake of getting that stuff a while back few months in a pinch. GOD awfull IMO. as for taste. Had to focre it down after getting More Grow! by mixing a scoop of each.

That and the stuff HAD to be blended to mix.