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Micellar Casein vs Calcium Caseinate


What is the difference between Calcium caseinate and Micellar casein?


Both are great anti-catabolic proteins. Both are dairy protein sources.
Micellar casein is superior than calcium caseinate because it is slower releasing than calcium caseinate.
Calcium caseinate is high in glutamine. Even higher than whey and soy. Helps with digestion of other proteins by providing a release of aminos over a longer period of time. Both are a good pre bedtime protein!


Slower release doesn't necessarily make it better......
Many Micellar Caseins (VPX Micellean for example) are the most god-awful things you'll ever try to drink.


Yeah, there are a few types of protein that just taste horrendous (whey hydrolysate also comes to mind).

So when a protein like Low-Carb Grow! contains micellar casein and tastes great, it's a win-win.