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Has anyone ever tried any miboleron (cheque drops)? P22, bushboy, AR??? I have my hands on 30mL 200mcg/mL.. I'll be starting my EQ/Test cyp/enan/masteron cycle up here pretty soon and was wondering if I should toss it in there for the first couple of weeks like you would dbol..



With all the stuff you have already I dont see any sense in adding in cheque drops. I remember reading about them a long time ago and they have no anabolic property and are extremely androgenic.

Powerlifters would drop them under their tongue 20 minutes before a meet to get psyched. Who knows though...if you have em...and take it before a hardcore workout...it might do the trick. Overall though the sides might outway the good.


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So bushboy, what you're saying is that if I only take 50-100mcg and my temper will not be as bad and I'll only flick the guy off and call him a prick instead of raging.. Gotcha.. 125mcg it is then.. :slightly_smiling:

My cycle is very anabolic as it is (I'm going to frontload 1600mg EQ and run it at 800mg/wk :)), so I figured I'd throw in a high androgen..



How did that last run treat ya? I remember that it sounded pretty good, care to update us? What does your next one look like? Thanks



To be perfectly honest, I aborted my last cycle because I wasn't 100% ready to begin my cycle. I wanted to get my blood work run to make sure I was geared to go..

I, also, completely changed careers and I wanted to fully devote myself to educating myself as quickly as possible. That required 15-hour work days and a bunch of studying for my Life & Health and Variable Annuities Series 6 license as well as a Securities license.. So, I was only able to get into the gym 3 times a week.

I just recently got a HUGE paycheck ($19,000), I invested $15,000 in VULs and the other $4000 on my body.. :slightly_smiling: 100mL EQ 300mg, 50mL Masteron 100mg, 80mL Tren Ace 125mg (home brew), 100mL Test 400, 50mL Test Prop 100mg, 100mL Test Suspension 100mg/mL, 40mL NPP 200mg, 500 nolvas, 200 proviron, 1000 (25mg)dbol, 100mL 2.5mg femara, 100mL T3 (100mcg/mL), 250mL Clenbuterol (200mcg/mL), 30mL cheque drops (200mcg/mL), and 50,000ius HCG..

I just figured I'd stock up a bit for the next couple of years. :slightly_smiling: I wish I could find a new source of boldenone no ester.. I'd rather run short cycles of Test Prop, Bold no est, Tren Ace and snack on some dbols while I'm at it..

I was planning on keeping a log this time of everything. Meals with all the micronutrient breakdowns, workouts, overall feeling, and before and after pics.

I'm 23, 6' 242 @ 12% bodyfat.. My goal is to net -7lbs while dropping 5% bodyfat..


If I recall correctly that'some pretty toxic stuff Matty. BTW, nice juice list.


I would say bushy's story is pretty typical...its great for competition day or a fight but not much else.


I would say bushy's story is pretty typical...its great for competition day or a fight but not much else.


Ok.. So, I decided to try 100mcg 45 minutes prior to my morning workout and....

I JUST WANTED TO RIP APART ANY F#$@ING JABRONI IN MY WAY.. We had Joe Just-graduated-college-with-his-mass-comm-degree doing curls in the squat rack and taking 5 minute breaks talking to his fellow metrosexuals about their gay ass upcoming weekend party. While he was talking about his pansy-ass strawberry daiquiri shit I got fed up and grabbed an olympic bar from a bench rack.

I, then, decided to start mumbling how much of a pussy he was while I was snatching 135 like it was a bottle of daiquiri mix.. Upon hearing my grumbling he quickly finished up and scampered away and out of my goddamn way..

THEN, to make matters even phukkin' worse, I walk into the bathroom to wash my face off and find a toilet because I felt like puking from training my legs so hard, and what do I get to see? Another hairy ass fag SHAVING HIS CHEST, BUTT ASS NAKED at the MIDDLE sink.. Now that I look back, I guess I didn't train my legs that hard, I just puked up some precious testosterone after seeing that shit..

Anyhow, back to my point.. Yeah, I felt like a damn rhino this morning.. I LIKE IT!!

No, but seriously.. be careful if you take it.. and always remember wooooo-saaaa.. remember your pressure points..



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Yeah if anything ever had/did sound like an AAS that would give AAS a bad rep this one always looked like the one to do it IMO. Once again boys and girls it's gotta be just like any other mind/body altering compound you choose to use. If you're going to make the decision educate yourself on what it does and what it can do. That way if you have even half a brain and the slightest bit of discipline you should be able to discern between what's really you and what is "just the drugs talking". I think that's why there's age limits on alcohol consumption?? Gee golly oh gosh maybe they should think about doing that will other drugs instead of DECLARING WAR! on them and spreading hysteria and lies. Naah that's worked fine so far I mean look at how many people don't smoke pot.


Simmer down Bertil Fox...


... And because of my education regarding this chemical I was able to refrain myself from breaking someone in half..

Besides.. admit it.. it digusts you everytime you see someone doing curls in the squat rack or some fag shaving his chest butt ass naked..

Since I do have half of a brain (and barely a half of a brain with all the test inside of me) I was able to pick and choose my battles I didn't let the drug alter my perception of the severity of the potential conflict..

All I'm saying is that if someone out there is thinking about trying mibolerone and they are quick tempered they definitely do NOT want to try it..

I also think that the rage probably had something to do with the 1800mg of test enanthate, 500mg of test propionate, and 1500mg of EQ I injected Sun night to start my cycle.. Oh, and the 75mg Anadrol and 25mg of proviron/ day.. I am on cloud fucking 9 today..

Bottomline.. I am done with cheque drops.. not my cup of tea..

Oh.. btw.. do you guys think .75mg femara/day is enough?? I already produce more aromatase than the average Joe..



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Holy shit that's one hell of a front load! As for the femara I did .75mg e3d with 600 test/600 eq (1200 test first week, 900 second) and had to bump it to eod cause I was holding allot of water. That seemed to work well for me.


First off, I just wanted to say that I'll never touch cheque drops EVER again..

Maaaaannn.. I have found my favorite combination of drugs: masteron and testosterone..

I have tried winny/tren/test in the past and I was extremely happy with the results, just couldn't take the joint aches and pains. Masteron gives you the same hard feeling that winny gives you but without the aches and pains! I highly recommend it.

What's great is that my pumps are already insane and the EQ hasn't even kicked in!

I exchanged my anadrol for dbol on Friday because of bad headaches. I love the euphoric feeling dbol gives me but I already miss the androgenic properties of the anadrol.. :frowning:

I'm really hoping to lean out this time and take my physique to another level. I'm closely monitoring my estrogen/aldosterone levels so that I can gauge my actual bodyfat loss.

Bottomline.. Test/masteron is da shizzzznit!