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Wait for the video. Just saw it at the matinee, and while OK, it wasn’t worth the five bucks.

I absolutely loved the first one, but I was dissapointed with the direction the sequel was going. They should have paired Will with the girl (forget her name) rather than resurrect poor old Tommy Lee Jones.

i plan to see it, but im going to sneak into another movie afterwards so that i will get my moneys worth. hopefully then it will worth half a ticket

While I have not seen the sequel yet, alas, I know all about this movie (as is usually the case). I wish they would have kept Patrick Warburton in (he was Wil Smith’s partner early in this flick and was TV’s The Tick) - I love him, great comic actor.

But, from what I understand, the motto for this sequel is "If it ain't broke why fix it" - so it follows the same "recipe" as the first. We'll probably see it - I could use a loud, FX/CGI filled, and fast (this movie is what, 85 minutes "long"?) - movie right now.

I do recommend "Lilo and Stitch" and "Minority Report" for some really good movies with substance.

Just download and watch it for free, if you feel it is not worth 5-8 bucks. I just watched Bourne Indentity at home. I agree with Patricia, Lilo and Stitch was great. They nailed what Ohana what is really about. It was kind of cool to see that the movie was based on the Island I live on too.

I paid 10 bucks in new york and you know what… it was fun. It was 100 degrees here so it was well worth it, but I wouldn’t say that normally. Bottom line is that it’s fun. If you want a really good movie-- see minority report.

Stay away from Mr. Deeds, the plot was so so and it wasn’t Sandler’s best performance.

Sorry, but I thought MIB 2 sucked really badly.

Save your money. Absolutely horrid. BTW I thought the first movie was fantastic.