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I’m waiting to see if I get this new job in the panhandle.If not I might take a job in Miami.My question is…Is there anywhere I can live in the Miami area(while making $40,000 a year) and still live next to decent people that speak english?..if so what areas?


Lol. Of course Johnny Law. I was born and raised here in Miami and with a salary like that you can live very comfortably in a nice neighborhood. Despite what the movies and TV portray about Miami, its a great place to live and work, not just party. Although the culture is Latin influenced and the majority of people here are Hispanic doesn’t mean they dont speak English and live in an American way. You will come to see that Miami is a clean city, with plenty of nightlife, the girls are beautiful, and shit if you arent Hispanic you will be just fine. Hell, I’m not either and I wouldnt leave this place even if they paid me. If you need more info on some good neighborhoods out here, just private message me. Take it easy buddy.

Thanks Kingindeo…Perhaps I have watch too many movies.I have no problem with Hispanic culture. I just want to make sure I can communicate without feeling like I’m in another country.
As with any big city I want to make sure I don’t live in a bad area too.

you can get a pretty nice one bedroom apt for about $850 in Coral Gables near the University of Miami. its maybe 50/50 american/cuban, but middle class english-speaking cubans, not the ghetto ones. and youre a 15 min drive from South Beach.

if you can deal with the heat and humidity and a lot of people speaking spanish around you, then its the best place to live.

by the way, we have the hottest chics and the best weed (if youre into that kind of stuff)

woops, i just noticed your screen name… forget what i said about the weed

No problem dude…LOL

Johnny Law…If you’re looking for apt’s that are centrally located…pick up a little free book called the Apartment Guide. Some areas I recommend with good townhouses/apt. close to the nightlife if you’re living solo are Coconut Grove, Coral Gables as mentioned before, Brickell, and South Miami. Anything further approaching the Kendall area might be a little too far for you. Like I said, just pm me if you have more ?'s

The problem with those apartment guides(from the ones I’ve picked up) is that they’re filled with apts that have tennis courts,weight rooms,swimming pools etc…all the extras that I don’t use and drive the rent up.I’ve heard a few things about Coral Gables before(Hmmmmm).I’ll be working for the metro rail system so I guess it should near that.I hope Miami’s traffic isn’t as bad as Atlanta’s traffic.

If you’re in Miami you’ll use the pool. Nothing like a dip in that heat.

Also, you could use the opportunity to pick up some Spanish, instead of looking at the language as some sort of problem to be avoided.

Just a thought.

I would love to learn another language and culture.I should have taken Spanish instead of Latin in high school.On a smaller level I know how frustrating it gets to try to communicate with someone
who doesn’t speak a lick of English.I guess I’m just ignorant to the fact that most hispanic people down in Miami probably speak good english but choose to speak in their native tongue to each other.Therefore leading me to think that they won’t be able to speak to me or perhaps not even want to.Like I said I’ve never been there but it looks like a cool place.

stop worrying dude…you will be ok. It is still AMERICA on the contrary to what some people think. Also, what exactly is your job with the metro rail system? As of now, the metro here is not the best but with a new law passed i know there are gonna be some great expansions that might even give us a metro system as good as some of the other cities. BTW, look into an area called Kings Creek by Dadeland. Some good apt.'s there and plenty of English speakers on that side of town LOL.

The job is security with the Miami Metro transit system.I'm a police officer up here but I've been working part time for Wackenhut Security for the last 2 years.I considered the transit job because the money is correct and I understand they have full arrest powers on site.Police work is fun but the politics are a pain,so this would be a good alternative.I'm currently waiting to get on with the Department of Defense police here.It's a nice easy federal job...I'm also looking into security jobs in Kosovo and Bosnia.See we'll see.........


I moved from NYC to Miami a few years ago. My wife and I lived in South Beach for a year and that was fun. In SoBe a mix of “are you living in the US” versus, wow, “what a hottie” is what crossed my mind alot. Seriously, all depending upon your age, mentality and maturity impact where you want to live. The Gables is nice and full of a mix of professionals and Univ of Miami folk, whereas Cocunut Grove has a tad more $. Downtown Miami, the Brickell Key area is very nice, so consider that too as you can easily walk downtown (if that is where you work).

Good luck. We moved to Broward county (more land for your $), but I still work in the Kendall/South Miami area.