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Miami Beach bound

I will going to Miami Beach for a four day vacation in January. Looking for suggestions of things to see and places to dine from any experienced t-maggers? Thanks K

Dude, it really depends upon what you are into. I live hear and lived in South Beach with my wife for a years or so. South Beach is very diverse in terms of the local populace, lifestyle and nightlife opportunities. From enjoying Lincoln Road (restuarants, bars, boutiques (sp) where no cars are allowed to partying along Ocean Drive (touristy), it is all there. Not to forget the monster clubs like Crobar, Level, Rain, Space (an after hours joint that rocks) to jazz clubs like Jazid. To better answer you - I have to know what you are looking to do.

Be aware, the weather has been mild as it is our winter (60’s/70’s).

Restaurants; brunch at News Cafe or Nexxt. Dinner at Mandarin (Azul), Joya, Touch, Tantra (if with the opposite sex), Sushi Samba (stay away from Nobu as this branch sucks), China Grill, Pearl, Yuca and so much more. Also fun is to hang out in the Grove at Tu To Tango and the ilk. If you are able and like Stone Crab, go to Joe’s.


Doug K, thanks for the info. Probably will do the tourist thing with a tour of the art deco district, hanging out on the beach during the day and heading out at night for dinner/club. Just looking for t-maggers personal preferences. You know my favorite club is? my favorite bar is? my favorite restaurant is? if you?re in the area don?t miss? Might take a day trip to everglades and take an airboat ride. Just want to soak in the ambience of area, relax and enjoy. Also looking forward to going out jogging since it?s been cold and snowy at home. Later K

down there (as I now live closer to Ft Lauderdale, but work in Miami),my favorite daytime restuarant is Nexxt on Lincoln, I enjoy dinners at Touch, Sushi Samba, Joya and others. Cuban Coffee is a must at David’s (either location). Mango’s is a blast to be touristy at (get drunk, teased and enjoy the friendly scenary), Good breakfast’s at News cafe, I wouldn’t miss Crobar and an after party at Space. I would head one day to the Grove/Coco Plum, I would also train at Crunch or Gold’s gym on ~11th and Alton. many more, get in touch w/ me if you want more specs

south beach has become way too overpriced and touristy. if you want to see the real miami, visit coral gables, coconut grove, south miami, etc.

just be careful where you go, there are some parts of miami where you really dont want to
be after dark

Hit these clubs: Monday= “Rain”, Tuesday= “Mint”, Wednesday= “BED” (yes, its a real club), Thursday= “Fat Tuesday”, Friday= “Level” or “Opium” followed by “Space” after 3AM, Saturday= “Level”, “Spin”, “Opium”, “Red”, “Static”, or “Living Room”. finally Sunday…“Pearl”

I live on South Beach, so if you need any other info, I would be glad to help.