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MHP Up Your Mass Tips n Directions


Wuts up guys?? Jus bought Up your Mass...Currently I'm at 6'0 191.8 lbs, 10 % body fat...I'm really trying to get over 200 Lbs, but nothin seems to be workin...I tried the pro complax gainer, that didnt do shit...I've tried Up your mass before, but I don't think I was taking enough of it... Started yesterday. So far Im taking it pwo and in between meals (jus once)...and than I have a casein shake right before bed...I kno its best to eat "whole foods" but I just don't have the time 2 put into it...What do u guys think about this? I hit the gym usually 6 days a week and have a steady routine...Thanks


eat more.


How many calories are you eating. If you don't know the answer, please refer to the Belgian fellow above.




Well everydays different...Yesterday I had 3 whole eggs, 2 egg whites on a sandwich...A protein bar at work...Workout...Up your mass shake w whole milk....2 pieces of grilled chicken and a serving of whole wheat spaghetti...nd dinner cud be anything...2 pieces of grilled chicken wit a side of ravioli...casein shake before bed wit an apple n peanut butter.


If you dont understand the problem by now you are either trolling or are dumb as shit and need to quit now before you throw away years making no progress.


Well make everyday not so different...


No im definitely not dumb as shit...and no im not guna quit...and im making a lot of progress i just want to get over 200 lbs...i really enjoy it wen ppl say stuff like this...its motivation...so thanks for answerin mr. belgium...you really answered my question!!


You need to eat more.

Eat some fruit, PB and drink some whole milk with your protein bar.

Bump it to 4-5 whole eggs in the morning with 3-4 egg whites, and split it into 2 sandwiches so you get more carbs

Not sure how big the pieces of chicken are either.

But just going off what you said you ate that day, make these very very simple changes. Your diet still won't be awesome, but eating more would help.


Milk, Burger, Peanutbutter, Oats, Eggs, etc,,,, Find out what your daily calories are at, then add another 800-1,000 calories....Eat 'til it hurts!


Eating X amount of Kcals and still not gaining?

Eat more.

How hard is it like?


3 eggs wup de fucking do, are you a small child? eat 10!


Psh might as well go for the straight dozen. Which is what I'm having for lunch part 1 + some wing sauce on it.


Alright...cool cool...thanks....what do u guys think bout Up Your Mass?? And if u guys are 4 it, how many times should I take it through out the day?


I heard Up Your Mass kills brain cells


jesus christ


I think you should take it Up Your Ass as many times a day as you can recover from.


I would like to submit this comment for post of the year:)



Like CT always says- "Provided you do not exceed your capacity to recover!"


lol fail...finally got 2 200....by eatin whole foods....im learnin