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MGF Protocols

Hello All,

So I would like to know what MGF protocols people have used or use.

My goals are recovery from intense training not particularily muscle mass. I have been using longIGF for this purpose now 3 months and my recovery is amazing along with a noticable reduction of fat loss.

Unless anyone can provide me with a decent protocol I will be using 100mcg MGF PWO along with the usual 50MCG L-IGF PWO.

Any of you who could share your experiences with dosing that would be much appreciated.



I was thinking we could all at least post our experiences and dossages with this and have a thread to reference.

i dont think many people have used mgf. but i was considering an igf cycle, but not 3 months that seems a little long

I just started an MGF IGF stint going into my show in 10 days.

I am doing 100 mcg igf with 200mcg mgf injected bilaterally in trained groups post workout into the show, then will stop for two weeks for vacation and start it up again going into nationals.

I will try and keep people posted on results, however I have to bear in mind that with the hypocaloic state i sill be in during the dieting phase Gains may be achievable, but we shall see. I know it will definitely help get me shredded up.

Good stuff P22 thanks for the input. 200mcg/MGF for bodybuilding purposes PWO would seem to suggest to me that 100mcg MGF PWO for sport recovery is decent.

This of course is assuming we are guessing right lol!

I hope you keep us posted on this…please let me know how it goes.

Big…3 months from what I read is minimal to get any lasting effects from these compounds according to the research I’ve gotten my hands on. I’d be interested to know why you feel diferently