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MGF Cycle and PCT

I’m researching on the use of peptide.
And AIFAIK MGF in the peg version should be the better option mass-wise.

I have reserached a bit (I am still on the topic) and i see the following PegMGF only protocol:
100-200mcg/week with E3D subq.
4 weeks long.

What I have not undesrstand:

  1. does pegMGF need PCT?
  2. can pegMGF be used alone (without IGF i mean)?

I use 100mcg per muscle trained - focusing on one group each day so a max of 200mcg per day.

You can use alone but i wouldn’t - so much better to use with IGF.

Personally I also stack with hGH but thats because I never come of hGH (or my steroid cycle either)

You should be stacking with a steroid cycle anyway so that is where the PCT will come in.

I like HMG - you could use it during the cycle and post cycle. I just run a little duing cycle and it keeps everything working.

now i’m on cycle with test mast and primo.
I would like to add only MGF to “test” it alone (i mean without other peptide)

have you used mgf or pmgf?

can you give some number about the gains?

using regular MGF - but stacked with IGF. Have used IGF and MGF alone before and the results a much greater stacked.

From what I have read and seen it is far better to stack together for optimal results.

Actual weight gain was only about 3 kg on the scale but dropped maybe 2-3kg bodyfat. Shirts I was wearing 5 weeks ago no longer fit.