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Mexico's Unemployment Rate...


Lower than America's?


Personally, I don't believe this. I'm far too lazy right now to start diggin' up stats, but 4.9% in Mexico doesn't sound right to me. I thought it was in the mid twenties.


4.9 sounds low but only by about the amount that government stats normally are. I am currently employing a lot of people who are moving back to Mexico from the US due to the bad economy there.


Why wouldn't it be low? All of the dregs of their society come across the border to live in the US. And, might I add, with absolutely NO FEAR OF PUNISHMENT whatsoever from our government.


I'm not familiar with Mexican-American border relations except for the fact illegals from Mexico come over in droves.

What would you consider an adequate punishment for an illegal caught in the US?


Having to stay in Mexico.


  1. Stop them at the border by any means possible.

  2. Harsh punishment if caught and then deportation.

Obama does not have the will to do either. And in fact has repeatedly interfered when states on the border have stepped up enforcement.

All politics aside Obama really is a horrible President. It's almost like no one really knew who he was before he was elected. Oh yeah that's right no one did know huh? But I digress.


I would guess that it's probably true.


Well drugs are a pretty big industry after all. Recession proof.