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Mexico ...Some Cocaine, Heroin Use


What are your thoughts on this??



I think it will help us get THE WALL built that much sooner.


Wish the same thing would happen up here, instead of spending billions on a War on Some Drugs that's more of a losing cause than the Iraq War.


I agree with Doggie and Harris. It will be interesting to see how many problems come out of legalization of Coke, Heroin, and Ecstasy. It may be few.


Will this increase or decrease the violence between the drug cartels in Mexico?


If it were like at the end of prohibition in America it would take the incentive ( Money ) out of the illegal market of drugs. We do not have any Gangsters trying to control our Alcohol industry.


Do you think the drug cartels will become legitimate businesses? Is there enough of a market in Mexico for that, or is the real money to be made here in the U.S.? To me, it just sounds like the Mexican government is going to quit providing us with the little help there were in the past in fighting these people?


When are we going to attack and perform a regime change?


By "we" do you mean Canada, you 51st state wannabe?


My understanding is that while it will be legal to possess small amounts of these substances, it will still be illegal to distribute, which means that the government would have to focus its efforts on dealers rather than users.


Well, whoever is in the coalition of the willing anyway...


As soon as I'm elected president, Mexico WILL be assimilated. I don't think a war will be necessary. In fact, I daresay that a military presence will be overkill to the extreme. Their military will be all but jumping in joy at the prospect of becoming US military.

I just have to broker some deals with some crooks in charge over there and then I will own them all. The general population will follow along one way or another. How do you say "spin doctor" in spanish? :slight_smile:

PS Mexico is rich in natural resources. Do the math.


I do not know how exactly they would do it. But if the market is open for business. The farmer that can grow the best product for the best price will prevail. I do not think there would be enough money in it to support any criminals .I doubt it will work exactly like that but I believe it will have an influence


Well put. Overall this is a step in the right direstion.


I am all for decriminalizing pot but I think it would be a big mistake to decriminalize the harder drugs.


Probably the only smart thing they did...ever.


Legalize drugs and tax them like booze.


I just figured out why democrats want to legalize drugs...something else to tax!

Thanks, Dogg! :slight_smile:



So much for that.


Fox: "Hola! Presidente Boosh! So nice to hear you en el telefono!"

Bush: "You sign that bill, and I'll make you my prison bitch."

Fox: "It is so nice to have control of my own country. When do we get to be the 51st state again?"