Mexico Run

Anybody want me to make a trip to the local Pharmacia?..Just joking (well, maybe). I’m off to Cancun for a week with a couple of buddies. Going to take in sand, surf, and sultry senoritas (muy caliente!). I’ll probably drop into Gold’s Cancun just to check out the local scene and push some moderately heavy weights. I’ll consider myself a missionary - helping to spread the word of “T” to places afar. Take care, T-folk, and I’ll let y’all know if I compete in the LaBoom male dance contest (just like our man Ron Harris)!

Tenga un buen viaje! BTW, either the Gold’s changed locations or it closed. It used to be in the Plaza Flamingo but wasn’t there last year. I usually don’t work out on vacations (per Mrs. Roids mandate) so I didn’t bother to determine what happened to it. Have fun!

Hey, I’m going there the first week of April. Where ya stayin? I’ll be stayin at the melia Turquesas. I’ve heard a lot of names of good clubs down there but can’t remember any offhand. Let me know how it is.

Hey Edge…I’m staying at the Jack Tar resort (all-inclusive). It’s basically in the middle of the hotel strip but still pretty close to downtown. I’ll let you know how the clubs are (and where the best vixens can be found!)