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Mexico Opportunities

So I might be going to Mexico city next week. Anything I need to know?

Uhh…spanish, maybe.

Busco mi libro,
El Toddy

put it in a balloon before “hiding” it.

Ahhhhhhhh Xen i am surprised that we would have to tell you this - but could you be a bit more specific? I lived in MC so what kind of opportunities you looking for?

[quote]freejury wrote:
put it in a balloon before “hiding” it.[/quote]

Heh, I could only imagine the consequences if the balloon were to bust…anal injections on a whole 'nother level.

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you need a perscription for anti-Es in the states unless you buy research chemicals when i was in mexico last summer some pharmacies had runners that would ride a bus to the states and mail your stuff domestically to you…my parents did that with all sorts of meds all of which came through no problem

What you need to know is that you have to be very, very careful with the lawmen in this country. The justice system actually has very little to do with justice around here, you know. Most people in the police forces and the government are corrupt, and if you get arrested they’ll do whatever they want–whatever they want–with you to get as much as possible out of you. Not trying to scare you, man, just a heads-up.