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Mexico Legalizes Drug Usage



I don't know if this will take much wind out of the sails of the cartels though.


The cartels will do fine. The spring breakers will open up the market a bit I'm sure. Now every local has the potential to be a dealer. One big Mexican "up yours" to the US.



Felipe Calderon is a total pussy, he has been a failure for Mexico. At least this will be some form of economy for Mexico, it doesn't really have much else other than oil and the money sent back to them from the illegals here.


Mexican drug lords don't make money off of Mexicans.


How is legalizing only the demand side going to do a damn thing to keep Calderon's people from getting shot at? Sounds like another "up yours" to Mexico itself - but they're good at cutting off their nose to spite their face.


I think Mexico realized they can't fight both the demand in their country and the cartels at the same time. They have crap for Law Enforcement resources as it is.


Not only that, they have no legitimate form of government, cartels can pay off or threaten almost anyone.


Now they'll have more money to do it, since the government just increased demand.


It is the same in the US too. The only difference is that the cartels here actually get government to help them while in Mexico the government tries to compete with the cartels.

Both are bad situations but the one that pretends to be legitimate is much more insidious as far as I am concerned.

The Mexican people have no illusion as to who the bad guys are. Here in the US most are under the impression that government can actually work to help them though they totally ignore the deceitful partnership of big business and politics.

But now we can honestly say that Mexicans are a little more free than US citizens. Seriously, hooray for them!


Maybe not.


If it keeps them from coming here I guess that's a plus.



"The supreme court in Argentina has ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish people for using marijuana for personal consumption."


There's a lot to love about Argentina.


Those asses ought to be illegal if anything, damn.


"According to a new survey, Argentine women are more interested in sex than are women in any other country surveyed. Women here said sex is their favorite earthly pleasure, according to the poll, which was conducted by Datos Claros Research Opinion. Argentines said sex is preferable to chocolate, shopping, a romantic dinner, ice cream and even a bouquet of flowers."


Here's one with your name all over it. Well, the first five letters, anyway.


must get to Argentina


Holy fuck.... uh, what were we talking about?


I submit that we should pass another immigration bill....females from Argentina can be granted instant citizenship here...that sound good with everyone?


No. They'd only turn into American women.

Argentine females are a product of both genetics and environment.

Put 'em on an American diet, and subject them to Oprah, pop psychology and soap operas, and bad things would happen.