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Mexico Help


I have recently moved to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico for work and will only be living here for about 4 months. With anything being available, it is stupid not to think about doing a cycle. I finished my last cycle of Test E and D-Bol in October and am looking to do something similar for my next cycle. That being said, I need to know what you guys think of buying stuff down here. Obviously I know I can't walk in to any pharmacy and get a good product but there are some big-name pharmacies that I would imagine would have what I need and at quality but I just don't know. If any of you have had experience buying products down here, let me know as any help is great.


Maybe buy something cheap like a few Dbol and try them out? Or a couple of single vials of prop?

The steroids I saw in the pharmacies in Cancun looked real, but were real expensive. I took my own out there to do my HRT so didn't buy any.


How expensive was real expensive?