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Mexico Declaring War on America


Would we invade Mexico ?



What does this have to do with the Mexican Government? I will say that the Texas Rangers a long time ago would go into Mexico to retrieve criminals that were trying to evade the law. I think if the government of Mexico asked us to come in there and kill all the drug cartels we might just help them out.


I say we give Chuck Norris his badge back...


If it did happen, no we would not invade.

We would take a big look at the racist policies and discrimination that Texas has against Mexicans to "Understand" how it happened.

Then we would create a blue ribbon committee to investigate this and figure out how America should change it's policies and attitudes toward Mexicans so as to deter future acts of aggression by this group.

How on is that?




I doubt that Mexico would offer us to kill the cartels; you have large geographical areas that owe their economy to drug cartels


What if they did not handle it to our satisfaction?


Stimulus package?....possibly more taxes for the people in America who still work their asses off?


They are racists. That is why they did not handle to our satisfaction. No better yet they are white supremests. White Power.


I say we just dig a moat from the Pacific the gulf of Mexico and fill it with gators and bull sharks and set up camera's - make a reality show out of the resulting carnage - Survivor: The Moat!


Mexico will never get on it's own feet until they get rid of this cartel problem. They have no chance, partner that with an inept and corrupt government, and there is no wonder why it is a major shit hole.

I say fuck the subtle tactics, drop an artillery strike on the entire area.


I agree 100%. And Im sick of some peopel fending for it(them). I wish I could give yall a link to this bc i hate sayin something like it without proof; but government experts say they expect the Mexican government to fall in the next 20yrs. If that happens, think of the hell we will have then. The border will become a full blown battle line. Especially with the U.S. citizens


Mexico will never get rid of the cartels unless America quits creating an artificially high price for the drugs. Gold and Marijuana sell for comparable prices, we won't even get into coke or heroin


Neville Chamberlain revisited, revamped, and revived.


SHIT! I say yes to that.

What would life be like without drugs? Without the Cartel? Well I dont know! I'm in FUCKING Canada! How am I supposed to know?


There's some truth to that. But it's a little materialist for my taste. Mexico has all kinds of resources they could exploit to take their economy in a different direction. Their problem is culturally based, and it won't change until enough Mexicans force it to change.

The law means nothing in Mexico. It's about your connections: who you know, your family name and history, your ethnicity. And they are always looking for their next "savior" (like Fox was supposed to be) to wave his magical wand and make everything better (though, of course without the culture change everything would be back to how it is now in no time).


The Mexican government IS the cartel..from top to bottom.

Factoid: The current "Cartel War" started over a little less than 500 pounds of pot..which in the big picture..really isn't much.


There are always articles in the AZ Republic about cartels . One of the articles claim that in Sinaloa , 1 in 5 people works for the cartel. That 30% of their economy can be traced back to the cartel . It is big business. It is foolish to discount their influence


Where did you get that factoid? I donb't believe it


I want to cut off all funding to Mexico, whether that is from govt aid or money sent back from illegal aliens. I want Mexico to revolt, choke it until there is no other option. I would rather support that. Blood in the streets, and the people take back their country.

The people of Mexico will have get a chance until they chase the politicians out of not just office, but out of the country. Then Mexico starts over. Mexico then begins it's overhaul, it uses it's oil and agricultural resources. It joins the world as a self sustaining entity, not a American blood sucking leech. You basically force an economic revolution, you create an environment where the people of Mexico have no need to come here, because it is up and running. The Mexican people have been brainwashed so they think that America is the cause of all their problems. Well they have no respectable form of government, commerce, security, or much of anything else. You can't even stay in the tourist resorts anymore. There is no reason for anyone to go south of the border, you are gambling with your life at this point.

That bullshit president Calderon stood in front of Congress, and comdemned our government, when his country has deported more than twice the US has, with maybe half its population. And your politicians, including Holder and Napolitano, clapped and applauded him. That mother fucker should have been chased out nude.

Kudos to AZ and it's governor for staying strong during the political firestorm, lefties and their bullshit propaganda have not and will not sway that lady. She is a bad bitch, and probably the only politician who is serving the will of the people.