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Mexican vs Domestic Gear

Hey fellas,

Long time lurker here. After many years of research due to not having the moral courage to cycle in college I have decided to start my first cycle soon in September. During college I wrestled and although many of my competitors were on the juice, I was not. Now that I am done competing it’s guns blazing. I have decided to cycle Test E only for 10 weeks. The gear happens to be from Mexico however. What are your thoughts on international gear vs domestic gear? (Not prescribed of course)

Appreciate the help!

You have indicated that you are “new-er” to the world of AAS so;
Do you mean domestic gear as in pharmacy gear(weather or not you have a prescription) or do you mean UGL domestic gear? UGL stands for Under Ground Lab.
When you say Mexican do you mean their human grade from a pharmacy, their veterinarian gear, or their knock off gear aka UGL pretending to be human grade?

Basically to ask that question you would need to say this bottle from US pharmacy vs this bottle from X Mexican source.
I am obviously older than you but when I was in college the Mexican stuff was legit. I had some friends (I didn’t use at the time) who would swear this Greek stuff was better but it turned out it was just a Mexican bootleg looking like Greek stuff. Since then the Mexican stuff has gone down but that void is being filled from all over the world via UGLs.
I will rate what I know as best as I can and that might help you.
Obviously USA legit human grade from pharmacy is best. If you can get human grade from Mexico and you can be sure it’s not one of their bootlegs and yes they have fake stuff in the legit pharmacies down their (I live on border and gf is from down their) then if it is all up and up I would put this just under the USA human grade from pharmacy.
Next comes the veterinarian stuff. Again a USA vet grade is better than Mexican vet grade. I would like to think that if someone is going to make a fake bootleg of a steroid they would fake a human grade not a vet grade but idk. I say that but most fake stuff is bootleg UGL, yes someone is making a bootleg of someone else’s product he made in his bath tub.
Then comes all the rest all the UGL brands and they are countless. Once you are dealing with this stuff it all depends on who is making it and putting it in the bottle. The location of the UGL really doesn’t effect the quality. The source of raw powder and the person suspending it affects the quality. There is no way to say all USA UGL is better than all Swiss UGL. It is a one on one basis . Now if you are looking for a new source I would trust a UGL in a country where AAS are legal more than a UGL in a country where AAS are illegal. I just figure it would be easier for that UGL to aquire their raws with less hassle. They wouldn’t have to rely on mules putting the raws into condoms and shoving up their ass.

Hope that kind of helped.

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All gear, domestic or otherwise, comes in raw form from the same place. So it becomes a question of which UGL you trust more.


I go to Mexico often…great for Oxy and fun stuff but the Test is trash…Pinned some stuff that burned so much I said F this and through the rest in trash

Appreciate the feedback fellas, sorry for the long reply! I currently finished first cycle using Mexican pharma grade gear and I’m not complaining. Figured I would finish my cucle and then aharw the reaults. Definitely mattered where I got it from though. Some pharmacies looked more legit than others🤷🏽‍♂️ You learn I guess.