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mexican test

hey all, going to mexico, I was looking for EVERYONES opinion on which mex test is best ?

Thanx in advance

Has anyone ordered from PharmaGroup ?


Denkall, QV, Tornell, Lloefler, Brovel in that order. It is a toss up after Denkall and QV. There were questions about the 50ml bottles of the QV awhile back I do not know about now. It does have a high BA content keep that in mind

That is for vet shit. If you are looking for human grade then you have sust and then testoprim d.

I like QV.

Yeah-I’ve heard that the qv 10-s were spot on, but the 50’s felt about quarter dosed. this seems rather odd to me. obviously they can be making a greater profit-but it is the exact same product.

thanx to all so far…any other opinions…what about EQ ?

Damn, RU12NVME hit it exactly on the head. Denkall not only puts out a great test, but is probably the best steroid company out there by far. Yes, they are Vet but their quality is better than most human grade. I’ve used most of their products and now it’s almost the only company I buy. When it comes to Test, T-400 is the best deal any way you look at it. You get 4000mgs in one small bottle for very little money. QV is a good brand, but i’m still not completely sold on them yet. Brovel, Tornell, L’offler all offer good test products as well with a good variety. I pretty much say Fuck Sustanon 250. At $13-$20 per CC it’s not all that great and seems no more effective than anything else i’ve used…only more painful. If you’re going to TJ, there is only ONE shop to go to…

Yeah and I would go back but I am afraid of becoming Paco’s bitch.

dude, smuggling gear is easy man.
I dont know why you guys sweat it.
Do you have some horror stories?
I was caught taping Gluccophage to my waist by a mexican cop in a public bathroom.
I paid him $70 and he let me go with my drugs, no sweat.

i just recieved and took 2cc of QV enantate250 of teh 50ml jar, i never knew they were underdosed…does anyone have proof of this?..that piss’s me off if it is underdosed.

FrontFace, you are a disaster waiting to happen. Smarten up man before you end up someplace you don’t wat to be.

frontface, there are a few articles here in regards to horror stories. after i read one of them i would never try that shit again.

oh and btw the one and only time i did it, as i walk up to the god damn custom agent the first words out fo his mouth were “so, do you have any steroids?”

Yeah, smuggling drugs is easy eh? Read that link then you tell me that. Until you get caught. Like I said, nobody plans on it and when it happens you’ll wish it never did. You figure out who ANOYM. was OK.