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Mexican Mine Disaster Vs Egyptian Ferry


Let's see...a ferry sinks in the Red Sea, so Muslims react by destroying the ferry company's furniture and burning down the building. Mexican families react to a mine disaster with prayer and calling for a rational investigation into the cause of the disaster. (I may need an update of the facts here.)

What's going on here?


They are both bunches of religious morons, its just that one group is in touch with their violent side.

Lets pray and see if that makes a difference.



Praying for your family/friends makes someone a moron?



I do not know the conditions in the mine, they probably were not up to American standards but I do know the ferry was overloaded by any standards.


The ferry was a ro ro type, roll on, roll off.

they were banned in the EU after the herald of free enterprise capsized due to improper bow door use: water came in and only after a few feet, had enough to destabilaize the vessel, killing over 300.

This instance, the same is though to of happened. This, and the superstructure had around 7 floors added to is height. A stiff wind hitting side on could have been enough to tip it.

the only reason so many survived was because of relatively warm waters.

If that had been somewhere like the irish or north seas, then i doubt there would have been any survivors.


only of you expect it to work.


If you say that prayer doesn't work, then you are privy to some information that many of us don't have. Care to enlighten us morons? How do you know that it doesn't work?