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Mexican Gear


Ok so I will be going on a cruise to Mexico for Xmas and I was thinking about picking up some presents for myself that I doubt Saint Nick will be bringing (unless of course he decides to trade in that cookie belly for a 6pack!).

I figure I have a pretty damn good chance of making it through customs at the port as I have been on many cruises and never had a problem. My idea is to fill up the mini bottles of "vodka" with the gear.

Anyway, any thoughts on this and what I could expect to get my hands on down there? I will be in the Cancun area.

Haha also I figure all else fails I could do a short cycle, hell I have plenty of food to be eating on the boat!


I have a friend that takes a trip down there every summer to stock up for the year. From what he tells me, you can get a hold of basically all the more common things (Primo, Test E/Cyp, Masteron, Dianabol, Winstrol, etc.)

Happy shopping and good luck with customs.


Hey sounds good thanks for the info man! I don't think customs will be too rough as they are generally checking for fruit and making sure you don't exceed the limit on alcohol on the cruises.

Does your friend mail it back or get it through other ways?


Actually, he physically brings them back.


I knew a guy who went down to TJ every week to get a shot. I guess thats a legal way to do a cycle in the US.


You might want to use those Jose Cuervo or other tequila bottles. At least tequila is golden in color like the oil you would fill it with. Yellow vodka would be a dead giveaway.


and you're sure it will be totally sterile ?


I hope your not smuggling it in your butt:D No gear is worth that . JK better to use a chics puss instead.


Hahaha man what great suggestions! Lol there is no way I am doing it ala prison style guys!

Good call with the tequila bottles! I will of course toss out the alcohol and do my best to sterilize the bottles.

For any orals I plan on bringing down my prescription bottles and putting the pills in there. That has worked for me before as it's a current prescription with my name on the bottle.

Remember the customs when you are getting off a cruise ship are pretty damn slack! Then all I have to do is fly home, and I've flown with gear before.


I have personally bought gear from Cancun this summer. If you don't want to pay 40 dollars for 250mg of Sustanon or 30 for 50mg Deca you better plan on taking a day trip to get away from Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, etc. Stray from the beach,go inland because these Pharmacies see you comin' a mile away. Nothing is cheap in a tourist town, nothing.


Ouch they were charging that much huh? Thanks for the heads up!


dude, how did that end up working out for you? where did you put the injectables?


oh my god you just dont quit do ya??

please note the date of the post?
oct last year


Buy a teddy bear, cut a cavity in em, stuff em full of goodies and send em to yourself as a Christmas present. My two centavos.


I recomend some sostenon 250, boldenona, and winny mate. Its all topest grade but ancilliaries arent that good only tamox thou and most defintly go for the HCG, very cheap. I know a good source...
PM for more info.


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