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Mexican gear... let's set the record straight


I don't know how many or who has used mexican gear. I've read different versions as to whether they ask you for prescriptions, if it's legit, are vet roids safe and effective, etc.
Well I'd like to know whst your opinions are on the subject and while we're on it, I come from Mexico and I have my own experiences, perhaps it's time to "demythify" some of the rumors out there.


i predict this thread will be a fun one..

let me start:

i heard that in acapulco, you can buy gear at the pharmacy in Walmart !

mmmm sweet walmart...



i just came back from cabo san lucas. At a couple farmacias they had a little piece of masking tape marking the anabolicos section on the shelf. They had some dianabol and methanolone - no prescription needed. Just talk to them in spanish for a bit and flash some cash. I regret not buying it.


Don't know how easy it is to get in mexico but, I used to know a guy who would walk over the boarder with 2 empty milk jugs and then come back with 2 gallons of Ketalore (spelling is probably wrong).
Any way if you can get animal anesthesia
it can't be that hard to get other yet drugs ie. steriods.
my .02

       I have spent two spring breaks in cancun, and the amount of gear they sold at the pharmacias surrounding the area and the amount of pharmacias in the area was ridiculous.  Now this probably had something to do with the fact that it's such a tourist hot-spot, especially for the younger crowd.  Plus, every dude down there who isn't local looks juiced, and u better be in some good shape because there are a ton of "Chemically enhanced"  (lol)  guys chasin' some of the most gorgeous girls i have ever seen.  But I digress.....either way, you just walk in, look behind the counter, and tell them what you want.

        it's exactly like that "Two sides of Juarez" story that was in T-mag a couple of months ago.  The problem for my buds and i was that  we had to fly back to the states, so we figured the only thing we could safely transport was tabs.  We got Winny, Clen, Viagra, D-Bol, and some of the others got prozac and shit like that.  But the prices were ridiculously cheap, i got a bottle of 20mcg clen made by monores, 20$ for 50 tabs (I bought 3 or 4).  Anyway, im sure a ton of you have had similar experiences.  I can't remember the brands of winny and dbol that my friends purchased, all i know is that the stuff was legit and they paid next to nothing for it.


Yeah, I just got some Tornell Super Test 250 which is from Mexico. So far, nothing to really brag about, but it's only been 3 weeks. I would much rather go back to Organon sustanon, but Tornell was all my source had.


Here's something that is not a rumor. ALL THE FUCKING POLICE OUT THERE ARE FUCKING THIEVES THEMSELVES HOWS THAT SOUND. It does'nt matter if you got a script or not if they want you to go to jail you are going to jail bet on that. If they want to rape your wife they will rape your wife. I guess you guys have not been hearing some of the horror stories going on down there lately. Guy goes down there with his family. Tourist police stop them just before crossing over. Take the son and the father to the ATM and hold the wife hostage demanding money from the husband. Of course he goes and gets the money from the ATM while being escorted by the nice police. Four police officers took turns gang raping his wife while he was getting the money. Welcome to Mexico. FUCK MEXICO. We all know my story so Mexico can kiss my big white hairy ass.


I once had to go down to Mexico (Nuevo Laredo) and "take care" of two of their so called Police.....They actually did that to a guy here who had all the right connections.....I think about 24 (a whole shift) ended up disapearing for some reason? hmmm go figure!


One of the very first steroids I ever did was some Brovel Norandren 200. Considering it was part of a first cycle for me, the results were SHIT. I have never touched Mexican gear ever since.