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Mexican Food PWO

Not talking Taco Bell or nachos, but relatively clean burritos and tacos with beef or chicken and veggies, beans, salsa, bit of cheese. That’s not a bad option for a post-PWO drink big carb and protein meal that everyone seems to swear by these days, right?

Have a PWO shake then have your burrito a while later.

That sounds like a great idea for a meal after your post training shake and supps. For burritos I find it that I feel more comfortable when I make my own. I know exactly how much of everything is going into the burrito. My two centavos

I personally wouldnt make it too spicy after a hard workout.

I find it kicks me in the gut the next day

[quote]lowlight wrote:
Have a PWO shake then have your burrito a while later.[/quote]

Precisely. Let your shake digest for 1 to 1.5 hours then chow down on real food. The morning following any heavy carb intake, I like to throw a scoop of Emerald Balance into a shake and clean out the pipes.