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Mexican anabolic quality

For Bill Roberts or anyone else who may know. I just finished the interview in issue #151 with the bootlegger and am concerned about the quality of Mexican beans. My choice so far has been the Schering Primoteston 250 and Stenox. I would like to try the liquid D-bol available but am now hesitant. Bill, what is your opinion on the potency, sterility and basic quality of the Reforvit and Metandiabol products. I would like to add another oral to my arsenal but just want to know if I should bother with this stuff or stick to my Anadrol 50 and Stenox goodies. Thank you very much.

I’m sorry, but I’ve never been interested in making an effort in keeping track of which Mexican stuff is not as bad as other Mexican stuff, or which European brands are being counterfeit, whether a given brand is supposed to have a blue border on the box or green, etc. To me it’s a question of dealing with reliable people, and preferably with the Nixonian philosophy of “trust but verify.”

I really can’t answer any of those questions except that people seem generally happy with Reforvit (for oral use, not injection.) Even on that, someone more up on Mexican stuff could well say, “You’re wrong Bill, that was true up till a few months ago but lately it’s been underdosed,” or something like that.

Hope you have good luck, though!